2017 Berlin terrorist plot

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A 17 year-old Syrian refugee was arrested by police in the Uckermark on 30 May 2017. Police might have stopped a planned suicide bombing in Berlin according to the interior ministry of Brandenburg.

Terrorism plot and arrest

The police learned about the terrorist plot after a 17 year-old Syrian refugee wrote to his family on WhatsApp to say goodbye, telling them he had joined the holy war.[1][2] The 17 year-old Syrian refugee was arrested by police in the Uckermark, home town of Angela Merkel and 100 km away from Berlin. Police might have stopped a planned suicide bombing in Berlin according to the interior ministry of Brandenburg.[3][4][5][6][7][8]


Police officials claimed that "[e]vidence of the planning of a concrete act has not yet been identified during the police investigation".[1]


The name of the teenager has not been released yet. He entered Germany in 2015 illegally[9] as an unaccompanied asylum-seeker.[2][10]

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