2017 Riverside Cessna 310 crash

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On 27 February 2017 at 4:41 pm, a privately owned Cessna 310 crashed into two residential homes in Riverside, California, shortly after takeoff from the Riverside Municipal Airport. The engine had failed, causing the pilot to lose control and crash. Out of the five people on board, four died.[1] The owners of the homes were not harmed, but lost the majority of their possessions in the fire.


The pilot, eighty-three year old Nouri Hijazi, had flown down himself and his friends to watch his granddaughter's Cheerleading competition at the Disneyland Resort.[2] As natives of San Jose, California, they had planned to fly out after the competition, but delayed leaving due to the heavy rain hitting the city at the time. According to a waitress that overheard their last conversation at the airport's cafe, the plane's engine apparently had issues starting up, and when it finally started on the third try, the group took into the air.[3]


Soon after take-off, the plane's left engine failed, and it began to plummet at high speeds.[4] It then crashed into the two homes, splitting in half on impact. The resulting fireball started a large fire, engulfing both houses. Additional houses were also affected by the impact, including a propeller landing on the roof of one home.[5] Three of the passengers, Nouri Hijazi, Dana Hijazi, 67; and Adine Farelas, 22, died in the crash. Two survivors, Stacey Pierce and Sylvia Farelas, were pulled out from the flames. Both survivors had endured massive 3rd degree burns, covering 90% of their bodies. Stacey Pierce died from her injuries a week later.[1]

On the ground, there were no reported injuries from the splash damage. There was only one person in one of the two homes at the time, and he escaped the fire before it overwhelmed his home.[6] The other home was empty at the time. Both families were rendered homeless by the crash. Neighbors rushed in to help and recorded the scene.


The National Transportation Safety Board were in charge of the investigation. They released a Press Conference the day after the accident, taking the destroyed parts of the plane with them to analyze.[7] They released a preliminary report later on [8], detailing the probable causes of the crash.


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