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The 2019 Formula European Masters was going to be a multi-event, Formula 3 open-wheel single seater motor racing championship held across Europe. The championship would feature Formula 3 cars that conform to the former FIA Formula 3 regulations for the championship. The series was cancelled on March 22nd due to a lack of participating teams, having only six participating drivers confirmed on that date.[1]

The season would have commenced on May 4th at Hockenheimring and would have concluded on October 6th at the same place, after nine meetings. However due to lack of competitors, the series officially cancelled.

Teams and drivers

On December 21st, 2018, six teams were listed for the season.[2]

Team Driver
Template:Flagicon Double R Racing[2] Template:Flagicon TBA
Template:Flagicon Fortec Motorsports[2] Template:Flagicon Cameron Das[3]
Template:Flagicon Calan Williams[4]
Template:Flagicon Jo Zeller Racing[2] Template:Flagicon TBA
Template:Flagicon Motopark[2] Template:Flagicon Liam Lawson[5]
Template:Flagicon Marino Sato[6]
Template:Flagicon Yuki Tsunoda[7]
Template:Flagicon Mücke Motorsport[2] Template:Flagicon TBA
Template:Flagicon Neuhauser Racing[8] Template:Flagicon TBA
Template:Flagicon PAVE Motorsport[9] Template:Flagicon TBA
Template:Flagicon Van Amersfoort Racing[2] Template:Flagicon Sophia Flörsch[10]

Provisional calendar

The provisional calendar was announced on 12 October 2018.[11] All rounds were scheduled to support DTM events.

Round Circuit Date
1 R1 Template:Flagicon Hockenheimring 3–5 May
2 R1 Template:Flagicon Circuit Zolder 17–19 May
3 R1 Template:Flagicon Misano World Circuit 7–9 June
4 R1 Template:Flagicon Norisring 5–7 July
5 R1 Template:Flagicon TT Circuit Assen 19–21 July
6 R1 Template:Flagicon Brands Hatch 10–11 August
7 R1 Template:Flagicon EuroSpeedway Lausitz 23–25 August
8 R1 Template:Flagicon Nürburgring 13–15 September
9 R1 Template:Flagicon Hockenheimring 4–6 October


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