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2D Con Digital Destruction (2D) is a non-profit gaming convention with a focus on all aspects of gaming including video games, arcade games and pinball.

2D Con is a charity event and raises money for various charitable organizations during the course of the event. Over the years 2D Con has raised over $30,000 for various charitable organizations.

The convention has a large focus on inclusivity and positivity in the gaming community and features many topics regarding representation in video games.


2D Con was first hosted in May 2015 as a free to attend video gaming event with the goal of becoming the first large scale video gaming event in Minnesota.[1] The organizers have stated that 2D Con was started to have a place where people can be comfortable being themselves and to raise money for those in need.

The second 2D Con was held from June 3–5, 2016. The event was scheduled to be held at the Thunderbird motel in Bloomington, MN. With less than a months notice the venue was sold[2] and scheduled to be demolished leaving the organizers without a venue.

2D Con announced that a new venue was found at the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, and that the dates would remain unchanged.

The event remained at the Doubletree until 2019 when it moved to the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis. In 2019 2D Con had 2500 unique attendees. The 2019 event was featured in the August issue of City Pages magazine as a top event[3] in the Twin Cities.

Game Informer has hosted their replay live[4] show at 2D Con.

Indie Game Showcase[5]

2D Con has a large focus on independent game development and features a space dedicated to testing upcoming games by local developers. During the event attendees are encouraged to play the games and give feedback to the developers. Attendees may also choose to vote for their favorite games in a variety of categories.

Previous Winners
Year Game Developer Award
2016 Fingeance Escape Industries Best Gameplay
2016 Joggernauts Space Mace LLC Game of the Show, Best Musical Score
2016 Pinbrawl Northern Heart Best Artwork/Visuals
2017 Pinbrawl Northern Heart Best Gameplay, Best Multiplayer
2017 Verdant Skies Howling Moon Software Best Artwork/Visuals
2017 Newt One DevNAri Best Gameplay, Best Musical Score, Best Singleplayer, Game of the Show
2018 Treasure Stack PIXELakes Best Gameplay
2018 Verdant Skies Howling Moon Software Best Single Player
2018 Newt One DevNAri Best Musical Score
2018 The Moon Fields Lunar Signals Best Multiplayer, Best Artwork/Visuals, Game of the Show
2019 Cricket: From the Stars Superbeefy Software Best Single Player
2019 Astral Gunners Sati Bros Best Musical Score
2019 Elemetals Wallride Games Best Artwork, Best Multiplayer
2019 Galactic Battleground Slackerz Inc Best Gameplay, Game of the Show


Date Location Attendance Notable Guests
2015 Ramada, Bloomington 700


2016 Doubletree, Bloomington 1000

Andrew Reiner, Chris Kluwe, I Fight Dragons

2017 Doubletree, Bloomington 1500


2018 Doubletree, Bloomington 2000 Taylor Davis
2019 Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis 2500



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