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Musical artist

AJ Ortiz, better known as AJ Suede, is an American rapper/producer from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and is a co-founder of FRMNDS Collective.[1]


AJ Suede released his first self produced album Gold and Water in 2012.[2] In collaboration with videographer Omar Jones, he released 5 music videos leading up to his sophomore album Gold and Fire.[3][4] In March 2015 AJ Suede released Gold and Earth, the 3rd in a 4 part series of self produced albums known as the "Golden Elemental Quadrilogy".[5]

In spring of 2015, AJ Suede released a series of 3 Extended Plays known as the "IDONT_____LIKETHAT Series".[6] Each 5-Track EP was produced by a single producer. IDONTTRUSTLIKETHAT was entirely produced by Alalu. IDONTCARELIKETHAT was produced entirely by Thats Creep. IDONTPLAYLIKETHAT was produced entirely by Horse Head in collaboration with Internet Hippy.[7]

In August 2015, AJ Suede released his newest self produced album Lefthanded Virgo through streetwear brand Mishka NYC's music subdivision Mishka Records.[8] Lefthanded Virgo is AJ Suede's first self produced album that doesnt contain any samples.[9] He cites an M-Audio Keyrig 49 as the sole instrument used in the creation of this album.[10]


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  • Gold and Water (2012)
  • Gold and Fire (2014)
  • Gold and Earth (2015)
  • Lefthanded Virgo (2015)

Extended Plays

  • IDONTTRUSTLIKETHAT (2015) with Alalu
  • IDONTCARELIKETHAT (2015) with Thats Creep
  • IDONTPLAYLIKETHAT (2015) with Horse Head
  • Forest Therapy (2015)
  • Automatic Wavecap (2015)

Music Videos

  • "Torture" (2012)
  • "Mayan Calendar" (2012)
  • "The Dead" (2011)
  • "Lord" (2013)
  • "Slit Your Wrist Vertically" (2013)
  • "After Earth" (Featuring Teck and Joey Shinobi) (2014)
  • "Wicked Witch" (Featuring Gendi) (2014)
  • "Watch Me Build a Pyramid" (2015)
  • "Necronomicon" (Featuring Noah23 and Blamlord) (2015)


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