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Advancing Science Worldwide is a charity organization that provides to those in need books, journals, facilities, equipment, and other materials that have a great use in scientific fields among all ages and skill levels.

History and Organization


Advancing Science Worldwide was established in Gilbert, Arizona on April 9, 2018 by Rithvik Musuku and Zahir Abdul.[1] Both became initial directors of the organization, with Rithvik Musuku being the Chairman of the Board of Directors.[1] Both of these initial directors became officers of the organization as well (on April 26, 2018)[1], with Musuku as President/CEO and Abdul as Vice-President.[2]

Advancing Science Worldwide received a favorable 501(c)(3) determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service on May 16, 2018.[3][4]


Advancing Science Worldwide was founded with a mission to increase access around the world to scientific knowledge and research material.[2][5] It accomplishes this by providing to those in need materials that are of tremendous use in scientific fields.[2][5] The organization has also fiscally sponsored at least one organization that supports its mission.[6]


Advancing Science Worldwide currently runs two major programs: Library Outreach and Equipment Donation.[2]

Library Outreach

Through its Library Outreach program, Advancing Science Worldwide provides books, journals, magazines, and other scientific materials to those in need.[2] They accomplish this by partnering with small libraries in developing areas to establish locations that have many of these materials for perusal.[2]

Equipment Donation

In its Equipment Donation service, Advancing Science Worldwide provides scientific equipment and facilities to those in areas that cannot afford them.[2]