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Aliens Gone Wild is an American Science Fiction Film. In June 2006, Milos Twilight begins to work on a series of films for HBO. The first one, released the 4th of July 2008, was “Aliens Gone Wild”,[1] which has became a cult movie worldwide.[2] Film critic Vadim Rizov [3] from LA Weekly and Boxoffice Magazine called the film 'an immortal classic'.[4] Released in more than 100 territories,[5][6][7] the film remains as the most watched in the history of the network, with over 250 repetitions until 2014.[8] SyFy Channel was showing it again in 2016 and 2017. It has been for several years within the top 1000 films on IMDb’s moviemeter, debuting with an outstanding position ranked at #400. A week after the release of the film on HBO, the names of the lead actors became number 1 and number 3 respectively, in Google Trends. Lenka Stara[9] and Alena Novotna. 2 years after the release, the first week of November 2010, the searches on Google skyrocketed, placing the film at the top of Google Trends once again, but twice as much as in the release weekend,[10] showing that the momentum of the film was still far from over. The film received endless invitations to participate in different Film Festival around the globe, but the director refused this from happening.

Currently, the film is being prepared for a 10th Anniversary Special Edition Release, in July 2018, while has been recently

After Aliens Gone Wild, Milos made 8 more films for HBO. All of them released between 2008 and 2011, and some of them still being shown.

The soundtrack was recordered at Sony Studios[11]

The film has been available on DVD since 2013.[12]


According to Syfy channel France, in a poll done in 2016, Aliens Gone Wild is ranked within the most popular 50 ever shown in their Network.[13]

James Hibberd from The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the HBO record-breaking ratings from 2009, that went up 41%, compared to previous years, was in part due to the series “True Blood”, and films like "Aliens Gone Wild"....and "She Alien" [14]

In 2009, HBO scheduled the film up to 5 times during the same weekend.

The film critic Christopher Armstead from Film Critics United stated in regards the film: "my hat goes off to director Milos Twilight, who also created this series, writes this series, and does the visual effects for this series. A man who is now my new personal hero."[15]


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