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All-Ukrainian Association Social Organizations (AUASO) «Alraid»  - the first Ukrainian Association of Muslim public organization.

All-Ukrainian Association Social Organizations «Alraid»  is a non-profit organization involved in cultural, educational and charitable activities, providing aid for Ukrainian citizens irrespective of their religion.


«Alraid» (Template:Lang-ar)  means pioneer, advanced, ahead, leader.[1]

In 1997, the organization was registered under the title of "Arraid", which is a more correct transcription of the Arabic word Template:Lang-ar in accordance with the conversion rule of the definite article "al" depending on whether the next letter "solar". In the case of Alraid "al" is pronounced as "Ar" because the following letter is "p" which is considered the "solar". However, during the re-registration of the organization in 2008, which was associated with the status change from regional to national, in accordance with legal requirements ought to choose a unique name. In order to do not lose the connection with your own history and keep the brand, it was decided to translate the word literally, i.e. leaving the definite article "al", without conversion.


The Association was established in 1997 by foreign students-believers from Islamic countries according to the official website. Initially (in 1997), the Association incorporated only 4 social organizations and functioned as an inter-regional, and after re-registration in 2008 years, changed the status to All-Ukrainian. Today the Association "Alraid" incorporates as many as 20 social organizations,.[1]


In different years the Association was headed by:[1]

Years President Chairman of the Revision Commission
1997-1999 Muadh Abu Obeida
2000-2005 Farouk Ashur
2005-2012 Ismail Kadi
2012–present time Bassil Mareeі Seyran Aryfov

Goal and Objectives

  • Introducing Islamic and Arabic cultures to the Ukrainian society;
  • strengthening friendship and relations between citizens of different nationalities;
  • upbringing of a moral, spiritual and cultural individual;
  • contribute to development of scientific, cultural and sporting links with NGOs and citizens;
  • to help students with their problems and adaptation of foreigners in Ukrainian society.


Eight departments are working for the efficient operation of the Association. Each of them performs certain tasks, set by the Board of AUASO "Alraid":[2]

  1. The General Secretariat;
  2. Information Department;
  3. PR Department;
  4. Publishing Department;
  5. Cultural Department;
  6. Department on Family Affairs;
  7. Islamic Culture Department;
  8. Department of External Relations and Projects.


The organization consists of ten Islamic cultural centers (ICC),[1][3] Crimean and Donbass branches:[4]

  1. Islamic cultural center - mosque in Kyiv
  2. Islamic cultural center in Vinnytsia
  3. Islamic cultural center in Zaporizhia
  4. Islamic cultural center in Donetsk
  5. ІIslamic cultural center in Kharkiv
  6. Islamic cultural center in Luhansk
  7. Islamic cultural center in Odessa
  8. Islamic cultural center in Simferopol
  9. Islamic cultural center named after Muhammad Asad in Lviv
  10. Islamic cultural center in Dnipropetrovsk

The centers have prayer rooms and conference halls, internet clubs, sport training halls and sport grounds, libraries with fully accessible literature about Islam and cultures of Muslim countries. Whoever is concerned with Arabic language and Islamic culture can attend Sunday schools.

The building of Kyiv Islamic cultural center accommodates the chief office of Alraid, while the building in Simferopol – its Crimean branch and the Center for free professional courses for women (dress-making, hair-dressing, computer literacy). Islamic cultural centers have their own regional social organisations associated with Alraid, which organise various actions for men, women, teenagers and children.


The core activities of the Association lie in conveying to Ukrainians of authentic and reliable information about Islam to Ukrainians, maintaining intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and enhancing the education level of Ukrainian Muslims.

  • Cultural and educational (actions of Islamic public cultural centers, action devoted to various themes, video, audio, on-line and printed products)
  • Dialog of religions and cultures (building up bridges for mutual understanding, mutual existence and tolerance)
  • Upbringing (propagation of human values, good and mercy, humanism and justice, healthy way of life, fostering the full-fledged personality who is an active community member)
  • Charity (charitable projects and actions, orphan care, social aid for the needy).

Educational activity

Local organisations of Association «Alraid» have free Sunday schools teaching Arabic and introducing Islamic culture. Everyone can become a student, regardless of religion, nationality and age.

Frequent guests to multiple events of Alraid, held in Islamic centers, are leaders of regional Muslim communities from Ukraine and New Independent States, embassy staff, political, scientific and cultural elite, students from university departments of religious, oriental and Arabic studies, and faithful people of various confessions. The above confirms broad recognition of the centers’ important role in the cultural dialog between West and East.

Information and Publishing Sphere

For encouragement to constructive dialogue and collaboration of people belonging to various religions and nationalities printed and electronic sources were created. These sources consist of children's literature, literature for women, as well as information portals such as «Islam for all» [5] and «Islam in Ukraine».[6] Some publications are also available in electronic form. The books can be freely found on the website «Islam for all».[7] The monthly newspaper "Arraid" in Russian has been published, intended for free distribution across Ukraine. The newspaper is an official edition of the Association. Its contents are also available in electronic form.[5]

Dialogue of religions & cultures

Association members are actively involved in meetings, round tables, conferences held in various Ukrainian cities and devoted to interfaith dialogue. Also, Islamic cultural centers of Kyiv, Crimea and Kharkiv are frequently visited by representatives of other confessions.


Thanks to the financial help of the "Alraìd" were drilled and equipped 400 artesian wells and reservoirs that supplied drinking water to many areas of steppe Crimea. "Alraìd" takes care of almost 1500 orphans that have both financial and moral support. "Alraìd" has implemented a project in the Crimea in the construction of greenhouses. For more than 150 poor families managed to strengthen its financial position, having your own deal.

International cooperation

The Association "Alraid" is member of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations (FEMYSO),[8] the International Islamic Forum of Student Organizations (IIFSO). The Association actively participates in events promoting peace and cohesion not only in Ukraine, but on the international scene, including various seminars, round tables and conferences organized by the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), the FEMYSO and other international organisations.

Islamic cultural centers of «Alraid» are visited by scientists, public activists and leading professionals in Shariah studies. In 2009 the President FIOE Chakib Ben Makhlouf and renowned Islamic scholar, the member of the The European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) Jamal Badawi for a number of lectures about gender issues and the relationship between European Muslims and representatives of other religions.


In 2010, the Association "Alraìd" became the laureate of the international project "Heritage" in the category "public activity" for significant contribution to the strengthening of peace and harmony in Ukraine, distribution of human values of goodness and mercy, of humanism, tolerance and justice, propaganda of healthy way of life and upbringing full of personality.

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