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An example of Ananas Garde photography

Ananas Garde is a new movement in popular culture that uses fruit placed in front of faces, most notably pineapple, to subvert the message of the photographs. Ananas Garde was influenced by René Magritte's painting "The Son of Man"[1] and "The Great War".[2] The name comes from the French name for pineapple combined with the name of the movement avant-garde.


Ananas Garde is a movement started in the late 2000s. A group of students posted photographs of themselves posing with fruit in front of their faces for their graduating portraits. The name "Ananas Garde" was given to the movement as it gained momentum on many different social media platforms. The students wrote that they were influenced by Magritte's paintings and decided to recreate this look.[3]

File:Magritte TheSonOfMan.jpg
René Magritte's "The Son of Man"


The movement began when a group of students at Brown University noticed the large numbers of self portraits released on social media platforms with captions asking for input on their appearances. Hoping to show their peers that appearance shouldn't be their priority and can't be defined by others,[3] they posted pictures of themselves posing with fruit obscuring their faces.