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Arya Dega (born April 28, 1974) is an Indonesian journalist, as well as social media influencer, YouTuber and content creator.[1]Template:Unreliable source?[2][3] He makes reviews about gadgets and drones. He's known as drone/UAV activist in Indonesia. He also established Mercedes Benz community in Malang.[4][5]

Early life

Dega was born in Bandung to Javanese father and Sundanese mother.[1] His father, Tunjung Wijayanto, is one of the sons of Suharso, national hero of Indonesia.[6] Dega went to Brawijaya University and subsequently left for Jakarta after graduation to work there. In 2004 he joined Teater Populer, Slamet Raharjo's theatre club.[7]


Dega started his career at aircraft maintenance company in Jakarta but his passion in being an educator drove him to create tutorial about drones. In 2007 he became a guest lecturer at Merdeka University, Malang,[8] then in 2015 he continued to teach at University of Brawijaya for one year also as guest lecturer. However, in early 2019 he started to teach in University of Muhammadiyah Malang.

Dega became a keynote speaker in Basic Remote Pilot Course FASI at Istana Taman Jepun, Denpasar, Bali on March 23–24, 2019.[9]

In May 2019, he became Gudsenmoza brand ambassador.[10]

Awards and certifications

In 2018, Dega gained certification in Remote Drone Pilot specialization, conducted by Indonesian Air Force in collaboration with Aero Sport Indonesia Federation (FASI).[11] Soon after that, he was invited to become a spokesperson in several drone pilot certifications.[11][12][9]

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