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Template:Infobox character Baby Puss is the name of Fred and Wilma Flintstone's pet saber-toothed tiger in the animated series The Flintstones.[1]


Though featured in early merchandise (toys, books, etc.) and in the series opening and closing credits, the prehistoric "house cat" is rarely seen in the actual episodes.[2] Baby Puss is mostly known for Fred's failed attempts at putting him out at night in the ending credit sequences. (This ending was re-created in the 1994 movie The Flintstones (film). An episode of Dexter's Laboratory parodied this ending with "Major Glory" playing the part of Fred, "White Tiger" playing "Baby Puss," and "Kronk" playing Wilma.)

In a What-a-Cartoon short, "Stay Out", Fred puts Dino in charge of keeping Baby Puss outside, only to often fail miserably. The short ends with Fred showing him how it is done. The cat locks them both out, leading Fred and Dino yelling for Wilma to let them in.

In later episodes Baby Puss was erased altogether... and even the final credits was changed.


Differently from the other Flintstones' pet Dino, which was a dinosaur and dinosaurs disappeared 60 million years[3] before the prehistoric man lived, the saber-toothed cat lived contemporary with the prehistoric men. Maybe the human was also involved in its extinction phase. The last saber-toothed tiger disappeared about 11.000 years ago.[4] (See 'Smilodon' and 'Saber toothed cat' for more details)

Appearances list

Some spotlight moments came in:

Season 3:

Episode ? : Baby Puss is fighting with Dino outside the sleeping Pebbles's room. Fred yelled at them to "knock it off".

Season 4:

Episode "Ten Little Flintstones": Fred gives to Dino his supper, he puts him out for the night and tells the cat to "pick a catfight in someone else's yard tonight".

Season 5:

Episode "Pebble's birthday party": Fred keeps everyone up at night with his snoring. Fred wakes up the cat with it and the cat says "If it doesn't get any better than this I'm goin' to the animal shelter."


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