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The Canadian Film Centre (CFC), founded by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Norman Jewison, is “a charitable organization whose mission is to invest in and inspire the next generation of world-class Canadian content creators and entrepreneurs in the screen-based entertainment industry. A significant economic and cultural driver in Canada and beyond, CFC delivers a range of multi-disciplinary programs and initiatives in film, television, music, screen acting, and digital media, which provides industry collaborations, strategic partnerships, and business and marketplace opportunities for talent and participants."


CFC was founded by award-winning and iconic Canadian filmmaker Norman Jewison (Moonstruck, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Hurricane) in 1988 as an advanced film school, with six staff and one program attended by 12 residents. In 2016, its 28th year of operation, CFC has 48 staff and more than 100 residents and participants in 16 programs annually. CFC has more than 1,700 alumni and 100 alumni partner companies to date, who continue to create and produce critically acclaimed and award-winning entertainment and commercial content enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CFC is a vital partner to the creative industries sector both nationally and internationally, fostering the next generation of Canadian screen-based entertainment creators and entrepreneurs.

Training and advancement

CFC offers specialized mentorship in five separate media streams: film, television, music, screen acting, and digital media. Each stream offers practical, intensive, hands-on programs that are administered under the guidance of faculty and industry professionals.

CFC Film

CFC Film provides an intensive creative and professional experience for filmmakers from across Canada to work with top industry experts, forge long-term professional relationships, develop and package short and feature projects, and create compelling works for the international marketplace.

CFC’s film programs include:

  • CFC Features: Provides writers, directors and producers the opportunity to advance their scripts and produce their films to achieve maximum critical and commercial success.
  • Cineplex Entertainment Film Program: A full-time, five-and-a-half month professional program for producers, writers, directors and editors that balances artistic vision with the demands of a shifting screen-based entertainment industry.
  • Short Dramatic Film Program: A five-month 360-degree concept-to-market advanced filmmaking initiative for directors and creative teams consisting of writers, producers, editors, composer and songwriters (only open to directors upon completion of the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Directors' Lab).
  • CFC Features: A comprehensive development and production focused mentorship program for the development, production and marketing of first-time low-budget feature films.
  • NFB/CFC Creative Doc Lab: An innovative high-level creative and marketplace catalyst that is focused on cultivating creative risk-taking and helping further establish Canadians as world-class documentary storytellers.
  • Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange: A part-time, high-level, cross-border project and business accelerator for established producers and their feature comedy properties that provides producers and teams with expert support, elevates a comedy property’s creative and marketplace potential and builds momentum within Hollywood and the independent film communities.
  • Telefilm Canada Micro-Budget Production Program: CFC is an affiliate member of this initiative, and recommends and supports one low-budget feature project from CFC alumni annually to Telefilm for production.


CFC TV has become the Canadian broadcast industry's primary source for professional series writers, emerging TV creators and showrunners-to-watch.

CFC’s TV programs include:

  • Bell Media Prime Time TV Program: A full-time five-month program for TV writers that delivers a real world story room experience, develops strong series writers and creates original series content for the marketplace.
  • The CFC / eOne TV Adaptation Lab: aims to workshop and develop pilot scripts based on underlying literary works and creative properties with strong adaptation potential for a television series and provides Canadian creatives with the potential to secure a TV series deal with Entertainment One (eOne).
  • The CFC/NBCU Exchange Initiative: a cross-border talent and business accelerator that brokers introductions and relationships between NBCUniversal creative executives and key members of the Canadian creative community.
  • The DHX Experience: integrates kids/tween/family skills development and content creation into CFC’s existing film, TV, music and acting programs.

CFC Actors

  • CBC Actors Conservatory: A full-time six-month program that offers actors a transformative artistic experience that strengthens their instrument for the screen and builds a professional skill set.

CFC Music

  • The Slaight Family Music Lab: A part-time nine-month program for composers and songwriters that encourages the complete integration of music creators into the onscreen process, while offering unique business opportunities to increase the use of Canadian music in film and TV.

CFC Media Lab

The Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) is an internationally acclaimed digital media think tank and award-winning production facility that provides a unique research, learningand production environment for digital media content developers and practitioners, as well as acceleration programs and services for digital entertainment start-ups and related SMEs.

  • IDEABOOST: Canada’s only digital entertainment accelerator, IDEABOOST provides an industry-focused startup bootcamp, leveraging the experience of a specialized network of entrepreneurs, investors, and insiders.
  • VR Strategy: In preparation of the impending VR revolution, CFC Media Lab is developing a number of productions and programs to help answer important questions about how we as viewers will react to this new imposing medium, how creators will tell stories in this future, and how VR as an industry will evolve. These programs include: VR Productions, the living research study Pulse on VR and Open Immersion: A VR Creative Doc Lab.
  • Special Projects: CFC Media Lab has an developed a number of digital productions, interactive activations and innovative live events, ranging from transmedia experiences and live pitching events, to online games and applications for wearable technology.
  • Graduate Program in Digital Futures: Launched by OCAD University and the CFC Media Lab, the innovative Graduate Program in Digital Futures offers a part-time Graduate Diploma and full-time master's degrees (MA, MDes and MFA).
  • Enterprising Culture: An annual international meeting that provides opportunities for unique discussions and exchanges between Canadian and French stakeholders and startups from the cultural, creative and media industries.

Work produced by CFC

CFC has been involved in hundreds of film, television and interactive productions and has produced a large catalogue of works, including the below productions.

CFC Features has supported the development of 47 films to date, including:

173 Short Films have been created through CFC’s Short Dramatic Film Programs to date, including:

  • Cleo (Sanja Zivkovic, director)
  • Still (Slater Jewell-Kemker, director)
  • What Doesn’t Kill You (Rob Grant, director)
  • Benjamin (Sherren Lee, director)
  • Lunchbox Loser (Virginia Abramovich, director)
  • We Wanted More (Stephen Dunn, director)
  • Cold Feet (Daniel D'Alimonte, director)
  • Oliver Bump’s Birthday (Jordan Canning, director)
  • Frost (Jeremy Ball, director)
  • How To Rid Your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused By You! (Nadia Litz, director)
  • Prey (Helen Lee, director)
  • Elevated (Vincenzo Natali, director)
  • Big Girl (Renuka Jeyapalan, director)

CFC’s interactive productions include:

  • Late Fragment: Canada’s first interactive feature film co-produced with the NFB.
  • Body/Mind/Change: A transmedia experience starring David Cronenberg, co-produced with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).
  • What’s Your Essential Cinema: A dynamic mobile visualization project co-produced with TIFF.
  • VR Sketches Series: The first in a series of VR Sketches produced with Occupied VR, inviting the filmmaking community to learn about and discover the grammar and language of VR storytelling.
  • Small Wonders: The VR Experience: Allows a user to immerse themselves inside a prayer bead and explore the intricate carvings made visible through the power of micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) and virtual reality. Produced by the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) and Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation, this artistic and technical collaboration between AGO conservateur, Lisa Ellis, and interactive artist and designer, Priam Givord (Seneca), marks the first time anyone will be able to move through, around and within one of these small wonders.

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