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Chef Anton is the stage name of Anthony S. Riniti (born 1969), a trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. He is an award-winning expert with the pool cue, and a noted magician whose performance includes a unique mixture of magic, hustling tricks and billiard trick shots. Because of his unique style, he was the first ever billiard trick shot artist invited to a special evening performance at the noted Magic Castle venue in Hollywood, California. At the Commerce Casino's Legends of 9-Ball Tournament, Chef Anton defeated former world champions and became the first two-time United States Trick Shot Champion of Pool.


Riniti was born in the Bronx, New York, United States, on January 29, 1969, to Anthony and Josephine Riniti. In 1982, when his father retired from the New York City Fire Department, the family moved to southern California. At the age of 13, Riniti started his innate ability to set and achieve long-term, personal and professional goals. This system, known as the 11 It-Ain't-Magic Tricks for Goals Setting and Achievement is the foundation of his I Am Seminar.

He has accomplished numerous personal and professional goals including 1987 Natural Nationals Bodybuilding Champion, 1996 & 1997 United States Trick Shot Champion of Pool, 2004 & 2005 Nominated Bar Magician of the Year at Hollywood's Magic Castle, 2008 National Hydrofoiling Champion, and 2012 City of Canyon Lake Golf Champion.

In 2008, he began his ever-evolving journey as a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. He teaches his revolutionary system for goal setting and achievement at seminars and key notes throughout the world. In 2015, by popular demand, Anthony Riniti has launched his new self-study course Your 21 Day I Am Transformation System. He teaches the viewer the 11 It-AIn't-Magic Tricks for Goal Setting and Achievement. His system includes the I Am Book, I Am Live Seminar DVD, I Am Life Coaching DVD Series, I Am Companion Workbook, and I Am Companion Journal including an I Am Bookmark. The system is available for pre-orders on KickStarter beginning October 2, 2015.

He has appeared on television in the TNN programs "Crook & Chase", "Prime Time Country", Talk Soup, and ABC's Monday Night Live, and worked as a technical consultant on billiards and magic for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX networks.[1]

With Whit Haydn, Chef began the School for Scoundrels in 1996, as an eight-hour course on street scams and as a web-based retail business. School for Scoundrels, taken from the 1960 Terry-Thomas movie of the same name, is taught over a four-week period each November at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. It focuses on the subject of short cons (Three-Card Monte, Shell game, Fast and Loose), with students from the fields of magic, law enforcement, gambling, and history. They teach the history, psychology, techniques, and application to magic of these ancient scams. [no citations needed here]

They have also created a major web resource for their School for Scoundrels students and others interested in the history and methods of short cons, including a store, forum, video and photo gallery, and Scoundrels Wiki site. In 2008, he and Joan Binder Template:Who created a new Motivational Speaking company called It Ain't Magic, Inc. [no citations needed here]

On February 5, 2012 Chef Anton set the official World Record for the World's Tallest Trick Shot as recognized by the World Records Academy which can be seen at This amazing shot included 25 triangles and 75 pool balls and stands 5'3/8" tall.

In January 2015, Anthony founded Beanbag Billiards Inc with his business partner Mike Miller. He developed X-Treme Beanbag Toss: The Next Generation in Tossing Games. This is the ultimate 33-in-1 tossing game featuring interchangeable templates, built-in storage unit, and extra wide wheels. The game will be available on KickStarter beginning Super Bowl Sunday 2016.

On December 27, 2014 Anthony S. Riniti married the love of his life Lezlie Stapp and merged their two families. They live happily in their home in Canyon Lake and have five children Amanda Nadine, Ashlie Nicole, Kevin Richard, Samantha Janelle, and Nicole Paige.


  • Two-time United States Trick Shot Champion of Pool
  • 2012 World Record Holder for the World's Tallest Trick Shot
  • 2013 City of Canyon Lake Golf Champion
  • 1987 Natural Nationals Bodybuilding Champion.
  • 2004 and 2005 nominated for the Magic Castle's "W.C. Fields Bar Magician of the Year" Award
  • 2008 National Hydrofoiling Champion
  • Ranked #1 Trade Show Sales Entertainer by Exhibitor Magazine


  • 21 Day I Am Transformation System - Book and DVD, Chef Anton, 2015
  • I Am Life Coaching DVD Series, Chef Anton, 2015
  • I Am Live Seminar - DVD, Chef Anton, 2015
  • I Am Workbook - Book, Chef Anton, 2015
  • I Am - Book, Chef Anton, 2015
  • Family Style Cookbook - Book, Chef Anton, 2014
  • Sam the Bouncer - DVD, Chef Anton, 2013
  • Chicken and Cinnamon Roll - DVD, Chef Anton, 2011
  • Pool Hustler's Handbook - DVD, Chef Anton, 2010
  • Chef Anton Live at Soapy Smith Night - DVD, Chef Anton, 2010
  • Chef Anton's Magical Menu of Pool Ball Wizardry - DVD", Chef Anton, 2010
  • The Close-Up Magic of Chef Anton - DVD, Chef Anton, 2010
  • Pool Hustler's Handbook, Chef Anton, 2002
  • Pool Hustler's Cookbook, Chef Anton, 2004
  • Chef Anton's Magical Menu of Pool Ball Wizardry, Chef Anton, 1994 VHS

With Whit Haydn

  • School for Scoundrels Notes on Three-Card Monte, also VHS and DVD
  • School for Scoundrels Notes on the Shell Game—Introduction to the Shell Game, also DVD
  • School for Scoundrels Notes on Fast and Loose, also VHS and DVD


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