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Chen Yu (Template:Zh, born 1969) is a Chinese contemporary artist.[1]


Chen was born in Anshun, Guizhou Province, China. In 1993, Chen graduated from Engraving Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. After graduation, he started his career as a printmaker.[1] He was awarded "30 Top Finalists, The Sovereign Art Foundation" in 2005. [2]

Art style

Chen was inspired by Andy Warhol to study screen-printing. With the technique of screen-printing, Chen is able to create rows of cloned characters with similar facial expression. However, when looking at these clones closely, one would often find a "mistake" or peculiarity in one of them; a peculiar facial expression or gesture breaks the monotony.[3] The characters in the painting usually depict a sense of loneliness and a sense of disjointedness.[1]

According to the introduction video of Schoeni Art Gallery, Chen’s work is a reminiscent of Cynical Realism, a contemporary art movement in China which began in the 1990s, where the lack of individuality of China’s society is depicted by the means of monotony. However, according to Chen, he likes this kind of art because it does not require much thought, and he finds himself in the rows of clones.[4]


Solo exhibitions

  • 2001 Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong): "One Eye Opened and One Eye Closed"
  • 2005 Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong): "An Eye for An Eye"

Group exhibitions

  • 1998 Beijing Century Gallery (Beijing, China): "First Round Exhibition of Four Artists"
  • 1999 Contemporary Art Gallery (Beijing): "Second Round Exhibition of Five Artists"
  • 2002 Ludwig Museum (Budapest, Hungary): "ChinArt"
  • 2003 Lotus Arts de Vivre (Bangkok, Thailand): "Open Your Eyes, Chen Yu and Yu Chen"
  • 2006 Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong): "The Chen Family Exhibition, paintings by Yu Chen, Chen Yu and Chen Li"
  • 2008 Today Art Museum Gallery (Beijing, China): "The Chen Family"
  • 2010 Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong): "Supreme Ideals - Chen Brothers Exhibition"
  • 2011 Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong): "Images of Women IX" [5]


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