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Musical artist

Christopher James "Chris" Moore, also known by his alias CDVR (an abbreviated styling of "cadavre") is an American musician, singer, rapper, songwriter, graphic designer and fashion designer. He was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 19, 1990. Moore has performed in a number of post-hardcore and metalcore bands, including Dead Like Me, We Came as Romans, and I See Stars.[1] He is now concentrating on his stylistically diverse solo-project called CDVR. On August 4, 2011, he released his debut EP titled Electronic Play.[2] On March 28, 2013 he released his debut album DΔRK$IDE.

Musical career

Dead Like Me and We Came as Romans (2005–2008)

Moore's musical career started off in a metalcore act from Detroit, Michigan, known as Dead Like Me. He was the band's lead vocalist and played synthesizer as well. After some of the members were involved in a life-changing car accident they decided to disband.

Moore later became the third keyboard player of the post-hardcore band We Came as Romans, when their then-vocalist, Larry Clark, quit. He performed with the band for only four months.

I See Stars (2009–2010)

Moore joined I See Stars in 2009 after Zach Johnson, who later rejoined the group (but left again in 2015), quit. He did all synthesizers, keyboards, and screamed vocals. Moore was not featured on their debut album, 3-D; however, he was featured in the band's cover of "Your Love" for Fearless Records' compilation album Punk Goes Classic Rock. Moore was also featured in the band's music videos for "3-D" and "What This Means To Me"; Johnson's original screams were dubbed over Moore for these videos. He performed with I See Stars until June 14, 2010, when Moore and the band "came to a mutual agreement" to part ways. The band said that they "still love and support [Moore] in everything he chooses to do."[3]

CDVR (2010–present)

After leaving I See Stars Moore released a new single for his solo-project CDVR, titled "Electrocute to Galactic" on his official MySpace page. On August 4, 2011, he released his debut EP titled Electronic Play and began playing promotional shows around the Midwest of America and eastern Canada. CDVR states that he intends to "fuse several different styles of music...creating a universal genre."[4] His debut EP is primarily hip-hop-based, but contains heavy influence from electronic rock and dubstep, and even features screamed vocals on two tracks. His singing and rapping style "could be compared to artists such as Drake."[5] Moore's debut album DΔRK$IDE was originally to be released on May 11, 2011, but was not completed as scheduled.[6] Moore released the debut album on March 28, 2013.

Fashion and design career

Moore is a graphic designer under the name Zero Art. He does photography and prepares web layouts, logos, advertisements, and illustrations. He has worked with many record labels, corporations, and bands, including Attack Attack!, Emarosa, and Millionaires.[7]

In July 2010 Moore released a clothing line titled GHSTapparel. Moore stated that GHSTapparel is a clothing company that "represents individuality and sophistication by not abiding by the mainstream standard that has been set for each and every one of us – what to think, how to live your life, what to believe, how to look, what's "cool". All of these assumptions that society has set for us are completely irrelevant to finding true individualism." Moore released two t-shirts for the inaugural line.



With We Came As Romans

  • Dreams (EP)


  • Electronic Play (Self-released, 2010)
  • "Electrocute to Galactic" (Self-released, 2010)
  • "Enter The DΔRK$IDE" (self-released, 2013)

With I See Stars



  • "Enter The DΔRK$IDE"

With I See Stars

  • "What This Means to Me"
  • "3-D"


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