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Comindware Tracker is web-based online collaborative work management software that features workflow automation combined with task management,[1][2] issue tracking, online collaboration, email integration, reporting dashboards, workspaces, role-based access, and API integration. It is developed by Comindware Inc. and was launched in February 2012. The purpose of the software is to automate business activity in any area.

Product name

Comindware is combined of co+mind+ware where co+mind refer to co-minded work which reflects in the collaborative nature of the product, and ware refers to software.[1] Tracker comes from the principals of work of the software solution which is based on the issue tracking model, and reflects the fact that the solution tracks tasks progress and project performance.[3]


Comindware is a commercial software product that can be licensed for running on-premises or available as software as a service (SaaS).[4]


1. Workflow automation. The time to start and modify business processes automation with Comindware is relatively short:

  • The online solution doesn’t require installation of the software: all business data is available through the browser window, mobile or desktop.
  • Visual, interactive workflow design in GUI – no IT programming required: workflow processes are designed and modified in a WYSIWYG graphical Workflow Builder[5] with simple drag and drop controls.
  • Possibility to change the processes on the run:[6] workflows can be changed while being executed. When a workflow is changed on the run, the new item starts to run down the new workflow while all of the existing items keep running the workflow that has been previously set up. This means that the existing activities won’t be interrupted, and the business won’t lose time or data. This exclusive feature is possible due to the platform architecture and Elastic Data technology on which Comindware Tracker is built.
  • API integration with other solutions

2. Business activity automation, and single data for the whole company. Comindware doesn't require adapting business processes to its logic; it claims that any business process can be automated with Comindware Tracker. Workflow process automation, issue tracking, and task management for different departments can be handled within a single web-based application.[7] Each area or project can have its own separate Workspace with unique members and security settings yet still be hosted in a single software instance and still use common resources with other Workspaces.

3. Workflows and tasks connected Comindware Tracker includes Comindware Task Management and Comindware ConnectStep technology. This feature enables next-step tasks to be generated automatically for each person as a work item passes from one process stage to the next. Each person receives clear tasks and can work and manage these tasks along with their other work. Simply put, Comindware clarifies what tasks need to be done and automates moving things along to the next step. [no citations needed here]

4. MS Outlook integration. Comindware offers not only email support for notifications, but also deeper, patent-pending integration with MS Outlook that allows users to collaborate and work with Comindware-enriched tasks [8] like regular Outlook tasks, without switching back and forth between systems.

5. Online, cloud, mobile. It is cross-browser, mobile or desktop and is distributed as on-premise or SaaS solution. [no citations needed here]


Comindware Tracker is written in C#, C++, JavaScript. The basic principle of work for Comindware Tracker is state machine logic [no citations needed here] on which an issue tracking system is based. The state-machine logic makes it possible to make lighter schemes of automated business processes rather than BPMN logic more commonly used for complicated processes. A flexible data management model lies in the core of the system as Comindware Tracker is originally based on its own database[7] which was developed specially for this project[9] – ElasticData[10][11] technology, a graph database with semantic data model that realizes Semantic Web and web 2.0 principals for data management. The flexible data management model makes it possible to change processes while being executed without interrupting them. With a web services-based API, Comindware integrates with CRM, ERP, EAM third party systems and services, such as Salesforce CRM,[12] Survey Gizmo, SugarCRM, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

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