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Daniel Weber
Born (1978-10-20) October 20, 1978 (age 41)
Occupation Musician, film producer
Spouse(s) Sunny Leone

Daniel Weber (born 20 October 1978) is an American musician, singer, songwriter and an entrepreneur. He is best known as the lead vocalist-guitarist for the rock band The Disparrows. He is also the husband of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone[1] and co-owns their Bollywood production house Suncity Media Entertainment.[2] He is also the co-owner of Adult Production house Sunlust pictures.[3] Like Sunny, even Daniel has acted in adult films and now produces them. He was last seen in the bollywood movie Ek Paheli Leela.[4]

Early life

Daniel was born to Tommy Weber(Romanian) and Tzipora Weber(Israeli) who immigrated to New York in 1969. He is the youngest of the three brothers and completed his graduation from Ohio State University. He spent his initial years working in the family business and started his own business in multi display and panels in Brooklyn, New York. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 and is inspired by genres like Blues rock to Rock n Roll and Bluegrass music. Daniel's family belongs to Jewish culture and he is married to Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.


Daniel started his music career at the age of 20 where he traveled across the globe with various bands. He founded his first band in 2001 called ‘Hollows’. In 2007, he co-founded a rock band called ‘The Spyderz’ with Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard and John Monty from Ministry.

The Disparrows

Daniel co-founded an American Rock n Roll band called The Disparrows [5][6] with Stephen Tecci and Grand Loosvelt in 2010. They released their first self-titled album in 2011. Their second album called ‘Making Others Rich’ was launched in 2013. Their upcoming album is the final stages of production. Band name 'The Disparrows' is inspired from the legend '′Les Disparus' which refers the missing people who had revolted against the South American Government in 70's. Daniel Weber describes the band as 'Working men's band' since all the three members have alternate careers. Stephen Tecci (Bassist/Vox) doubles up as Analyst at Ufc and Grant Loosvelt is a celebrity cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. In 2016, Jaydon Bean has joined the band as their drummer. The band has performed extensively in America and performed in Rhythms and Blues Festival - an annual Rock n roll & Blues festival held in Kasauli in 2015.[7]

Album One

The Disparrows first untitled album was issued in 2010.

Track Number Track Name artist
1 Sweet Surrender Daniel Weber
2 Street Fight Daniel Weber
3 Tangled up in the blue Daniel Weber
4 Stand up Strong Daniel Weber
5 Wasting time Daniel Weber
6 Another Day Daniel Weber
7 Once again Daniel Weber
8 Tell me it hurts Daniel Weber
9 Track 13 Daniel Weber
10 Cherokee Bill Daniel Weber
11 Sweet Mississippi Daniel Weber
12 Black Curtains Daniel Weber

Making Others Rich

The Disparrows issued their second album in 2013.

Track Number Track Name artist
1 Detroit City Daniel Weber
2 All the same Daniel Weber
3 Cry to me Daniel Weber
4 Blackbird Daniel Weber
5 I'll take the roses Daniel Weber
6 Come the morning time Daniel Weber
7 High Tonight Daniel Weber
8 Drive me Home Daniel Weber
9 Running after you Daniel Weber
10 Lose it all Daniel Weber
11 A little bit longer Daniel Weber


Daniel Weber with his wife 'sunny Leone'

Daniel and Leone first met at a party and he got love struck at the first sight. He approached her for a date and she denied it many times. But finally they went on a date where she eventually came late because she was not interested in him. On their date, they end up talking hours and Leone finally realized that she has a future with him. Both of them live in Mumbai these days and frequently shuttle between India and Los Angeles. Both of them have two dogs at their LA house. Both of them are animal lovers and active members of Peta.[8]

Other business

Weber has launched a perfume line with Sunny Leone called 'Lust by Sunny Leone'[9] and is now planning to expand to cosmetics line as well.


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