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David Mobley

David Mobley in 2014
Born David Donald Mobley
(1953-10-22) October 22, 1953 (age 67)
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Residence Colleyville, Texas, United States

• Entrepreneur • Songwriter

• Producer
Years active 1970 to present
Known for Founding Wonder Wafers International (company), Creating Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners (product), Co-Founder of Crosswindz (band), and creating David Mobley Music (record label)
Home town Lake Worth, Texas, United States
Net worth US$26 million (November 2018)
Title Founder of Wonder Wafers International & David Mobley Music

David Donald Mobley (/ˈdaveːɪd/;/ˈmobːlee/; born October 22, 1953) is an American Entrepreneur, Songwriter, and Producer born in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in Texas, USA. Mobley is best known as the Founder of Wonder Wafers International (company), creating Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners (product), Co-Founding "Crosswindz" (band), and as Executive Producer of the album, "Revenge" with Dave Evans, the first lead singer of the rock band AC/DC.

Music Career

At age twelve, David formed his first band and played on stage in his sixth grade talent show. In 1970, David met Cliff Turpin (musician), and began writing and producing full time with Cliff[1].

Mobley co-founded the non-touring pop/rock songwriting and recording group Crosswindz in 1970 with Cliff Turpin, previously known as "Cliff & Dave". Crosswindz recorded their first album "High Park" in 1972, second album "Hot Acoustic Nite" in 2003, and third album "The Dark Side of Day" in 2011.

Mobley is credited with composing the soundtrack for the 2005 motion picture "Deliberate Conduct" with the song, "Cabin Fever" from the "Crosswindz - Hot Acoustic Nite" album.

Mobley was one of the producers for the "State of Whatever - Lifeless" album in 2005.

Mobley is one of the executive producers of the motion picture "Deal" starring Burt Reynolds, released in 2008.

Mobley is credited with backing vocals in Track 14 of the "Todd Rundgren - [re]Production" album in 2012.

Mobley is credited as executive producer of the "Dave Evans/John Nitzinger - Revenge" album in 2013. Mobley is credited as songwriter, producer, executive producer, guitar, synth, keyboards, and backing vocals for the "Dave Evans - What About Tomorrow" EP in 2014.

Mobley is credited as the songwriter, and producer for the "Better Off Alone" Single in 2015.

Mobley is the producer of "Ice Crystals Bridge", the theme song and soundtrack for the "Moon Lit Paranormal" series on YouTube in 2017. "Here I Come" and "What About Tomorrow" songs from the "Dave Evans/John Nitzinger - Revenge" album are featured in the "Moon Lit Paranormal" series on YouTube in 2017. The song "Cabin Fever" from the "Crosswindz - Hot Acoustic Nite album featured in the "Moon Lit Paranormal" series on YouTube in 2017.

Mobley is credited as producer, and executive producer for the "Black Water Greed - Sin" album in 2019.

Mobley also founded and produced several online music radio shows, including "The David Mobley Show", "The Songwriters Webcast", and "Oldies Goldies Radio".


  • Crosswindz; Non-touring songwriting and recording group; Co-Founder with Cliff Turpin (musician) in 1970.



  • David Mobley Music
  • Crosswindz Music
  • C/D Records




Music Videos

Other contributions

Online Radio

  • Oldies Goldies Radio, playing 60s, 70s, 80s Rock, Pop, and R&B Music; Founder
  • The Songwriters Webcast; Founder
  • The David Mobley Show; Founder


Honorable Mentions

  • "An honorable mention to Producer David Mobley of Texas, USA for his inspiration and support at the time of this album's creation and production. Thank you David! A great team effort by all and it is what you see here now! "FRAGIC" 1995 -2016 album completed! Thank you!" - Adam Wakely[12]
  • WAVR American Veterans Radio 97.0 Featured Artist - David Mobley[13]


Philanthropy & Charitable Donations

On a philanthropic note, David is involved with several charitable organizations that help underprivileged kids get the attention they need and deserve through music by learning songwriting and how to play a variety of musical instruments[15].


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