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Dese Majoo Hartaal (Devanagari: देसय्‌ मजू हरताल), or "the strike that never was," occurred in Nepal on 1 August 2017. [1] It was the first Internet Strike in Nepal. It was organized by Nepal Mandal Pucha, a loose network of Newa youths.[2]

The Internet Strike was dedicated to working for the betterment of the Nepal Valley, the original term used for the Kathmandu Valley. First calls were made through a personal blog by Rukshana Kapali to warn authorities to take the voices of natives and locals seriously when it came to development issues in the valley. [2]


The Internet Strike protested the deeply centralized development system and development and construction in the Nepal Valley. Protestors stated that it was harmful to begin construction projects without studying all of the possible positive and negative impacts. The deteriorating conditions of existing urban and suburban premises were highlighted; the strike aimed to sway authorities to focus on the development of existing settlements, and improving the standard of living for current inhabitants. Strikers wanted to focus on health facilitates, employment opportunities, water availability, proper road and sewage pipelines, and traffic management. The movement also demanded the introduction of a Land Use Act aimed at protecting fertile land and curbing pollution in the valley. In addition, the movement raised awareness of the existing newly-built towns and settlements in the region that were creating an unmanaged sprawl in the valley region. The protest also aimed to preserve, protect, and promote the heritage of indigenous peoples in the Nepal Valley. The construction of outer ring roads and satellite towns, road expansions in the valley, and the Fast Track Project alignment were also opposed.[no citations needed here]

Proceedings of the Strike

On 1 August 2017, people started changing their profile pictures to a blacked-out image and officially released a picture of the Movement. The hashtag #SaveNepaValley was used on Twitter and Facebook, and from 1–2 August was so successful that it became the top trend in Nepal.[no citations needed here] On 1 August it received 9,300 tweets, and on 2 August it received 3,700 tweets. As the profile picture changing went viral, this brought their cause to the attention of the national media as well as governmental authorities.[no citations needed here]


Thousands of people showed up after the Dese Majoo Hartaal in Maitighar Mandala of Kathmandu. The case, which was filed in the Supreme Court of Nepal, was postponed 20 consecutive times.

External links

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