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The Devil in the Window is a 2015 Latino film directed and written by director and international actor Marius Illiescu, it stars Zachary Laoutides and Marius Illiescu reuniting on camera telling the story of life caught up in the cartel.[1]


A former child soldier for the Cartel, Julian struggles for redemption. He sees salvation in Marty, the 10 year old son of his drug lord father, Santos Esteban Diaz. Santos has bred Marty to become a twelve-year-old trained assassin for his empire, a soulless miniature of himself, stripping him of his rights to childhood. Julian escapes a cartel slaughter taking Marty with him. Santos wants his son back and hunts for Julian.[2]



Production began on March 2014 in Chicago and Los Angeles. The film is based on real events coming from Mexico and Texas boarder towns. Marius Illiesu along with Executive Prodcuer Monica Leon and Zachary Laoutides prepared for over a year to investigate stories of young children being used as assassins for the cartel.

"The true symbolism behind Devil in the Window lays in the fact that social privileges, power, and money are not guarantors for the most precious wealth a human being should aspire for; it’s soul. Marty’s story is a perfect example that monsters can be so easily bred when the heart is opened and fed with vengeance." Interview with Marius Illiescu[3]


Devil in the Window is scheduled to release in 2015.


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