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Template:Nihongo is a fictional character in the Eureka Seven series. She is a coralian and Renton Thurston's partner. The character is voiced by Kaori Nazuka in Japanese and Stephanie Sheh in English in both Eureka Seven and Eureka Seven: AO.


In Eureka Seven, Eureka is a girl created by the Scub Coral also called a coralian. She has pale skin, medium-length turquoise hair, and lavender eyes, and wears a blue and white one-piece dress. Eureka is a member of Gekkostate and the pilot of the Nirvash typeZERO, which she treats as an intelligent being and companion rather than a machine. Before the beginning of the series, she encounters Holland Novak and joins him when she is found next to the typeZERO. Holland thinks that he will be Eureka's partner, but Norb states that Eureka will have a partner other than Holland and Dewey. He said that her true partner will be the boy that can make her smile from her heart. Later, she crash lands on Renton Thurston's hometown Bellforest, where he falls in love with her. Holland, however is jealous as she gets more attention from Renton. Soon after, her despair over her strained partnership with Nirvash causes her to nearly be absorbed by the Scub Coral. Eventually, after Renton is forced to leave Gekkostate, Eureka realizes that he is actually her partner and reconciles, thus fulfilling Norb's prophecy. They soon develop a romantic relationship. Although she tends to be naïve over how Renton tries to bond with her, their relationship is able to make seemingly miraculous events occur, such as going to Earth and saving the world from the Limit of Questions. At the end of the series, Eureka marries Renton and officially adopts her previously adopted children.

In Eureka Seven: AO, Eureka has two children with Renton: one daughter named Amber, who died at three months of age, and a boy they named Ao. During both pregnancies, Eureka was transported into the past; after Ao's birth, she was forced to leave her son behind in order to save the "past" world from a great calamity. In AO, she had become human-like and is always seen smiling, and is a loving wife and mother.


Eureka's manga incarnation is not terribly similar to her anime incarnation. Eureka develops human emotions quicker and falls in love with Renton much earlier than the anime, but their inability to communicate caused a rift between them, leading her to doubt her trust in him. However, when the SOF was about to kill her and Renton saved her, they reconcile. They are later taken into the Coralian Zone. It is revealed that Eureka was created to find the "chosen one" (Renton) and give him to the Coralians to "eat" so they can enhance their evolution. Separated from Renton, Eureka is trapped in the Zone and Anemone uses Nirvash "typeTHEEND" to implement a virus program into the Coralians. Dominic also helps Renton in efforts to stop the virus and saving the ones they care the most. Like in the anime, Renton was able to profess his love toward Eureka; however, Eureka vanished with the Coralians. Renton lives with Eureka's adopted children Maurice, Maeter, and Linck and his grandfather Axel Thurston in Bellforest. Renton works on the windmill and anticipates on Eureka's return, denying any possibility that Eureka is dead.[1]


Renton and Eureka meet as young children and become fast friends. She can't go outside in the daytime because the sun's light burns her skin, which reveals a green underlayer. They went with Professor Dominic to see a rainbow flower one evening, but their happiness is temporary, for the military arrives soon after and abducts Eureka, leaving Renton distraught. Eight years later, Renton, now a child soldier and KLF pilot, finds Eureka and saves her. Holland then reveals that Eureka is the military's top secret project, and she further elaborates to Renton that she is a spy robot that the Image created to spy on humankind, and that she would likely die young (her remaining life was denoted by the red ring in her eyes, which by then resembled a crescent and would shrink as her life faded). After Renton sustains a gunshot to the abdomen, Eureka vows to have a future with Renton, which angered the Gekkostate to kill an elder Anemone to stop their plans. Then an EIZO hand attacks her and Anemone only for Renton and an evolved Nirvash - the pure one - to rescue her. They escape only for Holland to follow and attack them. They manage to escape Holland, but Renton succumbs to his injuries. Eureka confesses her love to the unconscious Renton and bids him farewell, believing they will meet again as long as he survives. Then Nirvash pierced the command cluster just seconds before "The Hammer of God" strikes it. The planet is then flooded when "Image" turns into water. When Renton wakes up on the coastal area of his homeland Warsaw, he sees a naked Eureka with long hair and she is incapable of speech due to a complete loss of memory, but is no longer affected by the Sun. His wound is completely gone, and a large Larva Nirvash appears before them. Before Nirvash disappears into light fragments, he told Renton that he and Eureka can fly now even without wings and that their own two feet will carry themselves to the future. Renton clothed Eureka with his jacket and she points out a rainbow and an incoming space shuttle. Eureka then kisses Renton on the left side of his face and hold his hands dearly, implying their happiness ever after.

Note that this is the only version of the story that Eureka has turned into an ordinary human being, noted by the absence of the red ring on her eyes, as well as her continued existence despite the vanishing of her creator "Image" which caused Anemone and Nirvash to follow suit (contrary to the manga ending).


Eureka was ranked 18th in the female character category of the Anime Grand Prix in 2005.[2]

In his review of the series' first DVD, Theron Martin of Anime News Network described Eureka as "calm, sensible, and soft-spoken but not necessarily shy...and is quite capable of showing joy, sadness, or earnestness without resorting to the exaggerated expressions and reactions so common in anime."[3] Martin also said in his review of the sixth DVD that "Eureka is hardly the first person in an anime series who struggles to understand and cope, but she does it more convincingly than most."[4]


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