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Fallen Agents Fund is a non-profit organization with the goal of aiding and assisting the families of fallenUnited States Border Patrol Agents. The Fallen Agents Fund does this though their annual Christmas present drive, as well as, through various family funds they set up when a Border Patrol Agent succumbs to a fatality.


In 2014 a group of Border Patrol Agents from Calexico California decided to put on a Christmas present drive to support the children of fallen Border Patrol Agents. These Border Patrol Agents started their present drive with a list of twenty-four children from the local southern California area. A Christmas tree was placed in one Border Patrol Station with the names of fallen Border Patrol Agents on it. After putting on two present drives the Border Patrol Agents decided to make the organization official by applying for 501(c)(3) status. The next year Fallen Agents Fund expanded to four present drive locations and gave one hundred ninety-two presents to thirty-nine fallen Agents children. Shortly after the Christmas present drive the Fallen Agents Fund was awarded official 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service on March, 30 2016.[1]


The Fallen Agents Fund was established to aid and assist the families of fallen Border Patrol Agents. In doing so the Fallen Agents Fund has started a present drive that delivers Christmas presents to the children of fallen Border Patrol Agents every year. Along with the present drive, the Fallen Agents Fund conducts a family fund every time a Border Patrol Agent suffers from fatality. These family funds go directly to the agent in questions family to help them in their time of need and mourning. [2]

Calexico Agent delivering presents to child.
Tucson Agents delivering presents.

Living Memorial

Fallen Agents Fund is the first charity to start a living memorial for Border Patrol Agents who died both in the act of duty and off duty. This Memorial is the first to document Border Patrol Agents who have suffered fatality off duty. The Memorial is also the first to display how those Border Patrol Agents lived there lives instead of how they had died. [3]


Fallen Agents Fund Tax ID# 47-5045408. [4]


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