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Template:Infobox organization Freelance Talents is an Indian non-governmental organisation (NGO) and publication house set up in 2006, and based in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.[1][2][3]


It came into being in December 2006. It was founded by Mohit Trendster. Freelance Talents publishes books, ebooks and comics for various age groups. The range of books includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama.[4] The focus areas of work and publications are primary education, community rights, intellectual property rights, sustainable development, unconventional sources of renewable energy, healthcare awareness, rural waste management, handicrafts promotion and organic farming.[5]

Major Publications

  • Gyanoday Educational Books with Om Publishers and Vrinda Publications
  • Kavya Comics Series [6]
  • Renewable Energy Power Projects for Rural Electrification
  • Potential of Unconventional Sources of Natural Gas in India
  • Postpartum Health: India [7]
  • The Indus Litmus (e-paper)
  • Indian Comics Fandom (Magazine)
  • The Aryanist (Journal)
  • World Comics & Graphic Novels News (e-paper)
  • The Environmentorial (e-paper)
  • Desi-Pun! [8]
  • Long Live Inquilab Series
  • Spandan (Magazine)
  • 84 Tears [9]
  • Infra-Surkh Shayars [10]
  • Tails of Low I.Q.
  • A New Approach to Microfinance Biogas in India
  • Heroes in Real Harsh World Series
  • Naripana (नारीपना)
  • Trendy Baba Series
  • मरो मेरे साथ! (Maro Mere Saath) [11]
  • Bonsai Kathayen
  • Indi Horror Series
  • Freelance Talents Comics [12]

Freelance Talents Championship

File:Kapil Chandak (Winner of FTC 2013)s.jpg
FTC 2013 Champion: Kapil Chandak

FTC is an international annual championship of creative writing, poetry and mixed media art. Championship format includes qualifications, knockouts, round-robin and playoffs based on popular sports tournaments. The first season of the Freelance Talents Championship took place in June 2013 and Kapil Chandak[13] was the winner of FTC 2013.[14][15]

Season Winner(s)
2013-14 Kapil Chandak
2014-15 Amit Rawat (FT League 1), Jim Lescher (FT League 2)
2015-16 Karan Virk & Behnam Balali[16]

Other Activities

  • Workshops, seminars, camps
  • Indian Comics Fandom Awards [17]
  • Podcasts, Short Films, Video-Audio tutorials, stories.[18][19]

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