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HV Kumar (HVK)
File:HVK Pic for Infobox.jpg
HV Kumar in July 2012
Born (1963-12-09) 9 December 1963 (age 56)
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Energy & Financial Consultant
Spouse(s) Deepa Kumar
Awards Energy Globe Award, 2007 - UNEP Project

H V Kumar (born 09 Dec 1963), also known as HVK, is an avid driving enthusiast traveling most of India by road since 1986. He extensively and accurately documents his drives by making log books, taking notes, videos, GPS tracks & photos. He also guides motorists on their highway drives free of cost thus making him a very renowned person in various online forums in India. Beyond his motoring hobby, HVK runs his own consulting company in energy, finance & legal affairs in Mumbai, India.

Professional Life

A Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by professional qualification, HVK worked in the banking, financial services and energy consulting industry for nearly 3 decades before he established his own consulting company, Crestar Capital India Private Limited, out of Mumbai, India.[1]

HVK’s company Crestar Capital was one of the members of the project team that won the Energy Globe Award[2] for running a rural solar project in India

HVK Forum

In recent years, with improvement in road networks, more young people having leisure, dispensable incomes, cars & motorcycles, the number of motorists on Indian highways has increased many fold. This has spawned several online groups networking with each other to gain & share knowledge on driving. Nowadays, GPS Navigators & Google Maps in mobile phones help motorists drive without much difficulties.

The HV Kumar - Fan, Forum & Message Board[3][4] was started in November 2009. Recently, the group reached the milestone of 5000 members and at last count, the page had 7500 members and growing.

Due to innumerable members request a new initiative on merchandise initiative is being piloted called HVK Store that sells various automobile & non automobile related goods per requirements by members at competitive price.

HVK Forum has successfully arranged AIM (All India Meet) for all the HVK Fan Forum members. 2013 AIM is set to be in Magnificent Rann Of Kutcch (RoK) where over 150 participants are expected to drive there from all over Country. (Dec 27 to Dec 29)

HVK's Passion For Travel

Combined with a photogenic memory & log books on his passionate for travel, he has traveled over 8 lakh kilometer on Indian roads. His trip logs are recorded over 26 years to the perfection containing the travel routes, mode of travel, refueling stations, restaurants, number of check posts & so on. Today all his documents & experience are shared & helps thousands of travelers in India that is shared through HV Kumar - Fan, Forum & Message Board in Facebook.


  • HVK's accomplishments were published in Dubai's leading Newspaper, Gulf Today[5]
  • Positive inspiration Tamil magazine Namadhu Nambikkai publishes an article about HVK[6]
  • HVK also plays a key role for people who're set out attempting record breaking drives like Fastest GQ Drive,[7] One India Drive[8]
  • Car India mentions HVK in Jun 2011 article on highway driving[4]
  • CarIndia mentions May 2011 article on tolls on Indian highways[9]
  • Leading magazine Eclectic from Northeast mentions about HVK[10]
  • Asianage newspaper interviews HVK about highway accidents in Aug 2012[11]
  • Travelogue in Malayalam daily Mathrubhoomi that acknowledges HVK's guidance[12]

Record Drives

HV Kumar & Forum helps in route planning along with live assistance for couple of record drives [7][8]


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