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The Human Awareness Institute (HAI), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Northern California that offers participatory workshops on "Love, Intimacy and Sexuality".[1] [2] The primary workshops are a series of nine, each lasting a weekend. The first five are taken in a linear sequence. The workshops are given worldwide, with regions in Australia, Canada (Ontario), Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and five United States areas: East Coast (Western Massachusetts), Midwest (Michigan), Northern California (Harbin Springs), Rocky Mountain (Colorado), and Southern California. Since 1968 more than 85,000 people have attended the Human Awareness Institute’s workshops and seminars in various parts of the world.[3]

The Human Awareness Institution has many scholarship funds that are offered in different regions around the world for the events that they hold. The requirements for these scholarships are different depending on the area in which the applicant comes from. The main purpose of these scholarships is to help fund people who may not be able to attend the events because of lack of financial resources.[3]


Stan Dale, a former radio talk show host, founded the institute in 1986.[3]


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