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Template:Infobox newspaper Indus Dictum is a censor-free online publication for thought leaders from various fields, spanning business & technology to politics & modern law. It was founded in 2017 by Ankur Borwankar, who is also the Chief Editor. Indus Dictum publishes news and articles about science, technology, politics, economics and more, sourced from the leading voices of India. Uncensored opinions and editorials are published on Indus Dictum to foster an environment of free speech and open collaboration.

The journal has an international readership, but publishes articles primarily in the Indian context. As of October 2017, Indus Dictum has over 12,000 subscribers. The publication provides all articles free-of-charge to readers across the world.


Indus Dictum was founded in 2017 by Ankur Borwankar. It began as an independent online publication. It has no corporate affiliations or government sponsorships, and maintains a centrist viewpoint, although contributors are not censored and often have leanings toward either side of the political spectrum. Indus Dictum does not charge readers for subscriptions or readership, and provides it's entire archive to all audiences free--of-charge.


Indus Dictum is headquartered in Pune, India. The journal has correspondents across the globe as well as in all major cities in India. The journal has an international readership, but publishes articles primarily in the Indian context.


Thought Leaders from diverse fields contribute unique articles and insights to Indus Dictum. Authors come from various industries and backgrounds, like the IPS, IAS, Indian Armed Forces, newspapers, and science journals. Their opinions are published without censorship.

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