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Jon Rappoport
Born Jon Rappoport
(1938-04-16) April 16, 1938 (age 82)
Education Philosophy studies at Amherst College
Occupation Investigative journalist
Vice-President of Truth Seeker Company
Spouse(s) Dr. Laura Thompson

Jon Rappoport (born April 16, 1938) is an American journalist and author living in San Diego, California with his wife, Dr. Laura Thompson, with whom he does much work advocating alternative medicine. He studied philosophy for four years at Amherst College in Massachusetts, graduating in 1960. He has published the web site since 2001. He has been an investigative reporter for over 20 years. Rappoport has also authored several non-fiction books. Although his main focus over these years has been the power of the imagination and creativity, he is most often cited and interviewed as an authority on conspiracies and global elites, the work of the latter, as Rappoport sees it, in general being implemented through the seven global cartels, which he identifies as the government, military, money, intelligence, energy, media, and medical.

Rappoport is vice-president of the publishing house Truth Seeker Company, Inc.[1] and authors and sells audio CDs on magic,[2] past life regression[3] and development of paranormal abilities.[4] For a period from 2010-2011 Rappoport hosted his own weekly radio show on the Progressive Radio Network.[5] The archives of this radio show are no longer available. Appeared in the 2013 documentary American Addict directed by Sasha Knezev.


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