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Josep Viciana
Born July 2, 1951 (age 67)
Terrassa (Barcelona)
Occupation Director, creator and scriptwriter of animation series and films.

Josep Lluís Viciana (born July 2, 1951 in Terrassa) is a creator, scriptwriter and director of series and movies, specialist in cartoon and animated products. During his professional career, he has worked in D'Ocon Films and Neptuno Films, both of them animation companies, and he has had an important role in the development of series such as "The Fruitties", "The Ugly Duckling", "Connie the Cow", "Detective Bogey" or "Dougie in Disguise". Also, with some of these series, he has worked with many different companies and TV channels such as BRB International, Disney UK, NRD, Discovery Kids LA, Noggin, Alliance Atlantis, Sauthern StarTemplate:Dn, Animasia, TV Loonland, TV3, TVE and Canal Sur.[1]

Professional career

Josep Viciana studied film in the Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales de Barcelona (EMAV) from 1981 to 1983. In this period of time, he produced some short-films, such as the documental "Dog's Life" ("Vida de perros").

His professional career began with some independent short-films between 1972 and 1985, using the SUPER8 format.

Since 1985, he has worked mostly in animation series. Viciana worked as scriptwriter in D'Ocon Films, an animation company. He took part in some famous series of D'Ocon Films like "The Amazing World of Bruffi", coproduced by TV3, "Aurones" or "The Fruitties", both coproduced by TVE, and "Delfy and His Friends", broadcast in TVE and English channel Sky One.

In 1991, Viciana was one of the founders of Neptuno Films, an animation company established in Terrassa (Barcelona). In the following years, Neptuno Films became a driving force in the world animation production industry.[2] Some of the series release under its name and directed by Viciana were:

  • "Detective Bogey" and "The Ugly Ducking", both coproduced by TVE.
  • "Bandolero", coproduced by Canal Sur.
  • "Connie the Cow", exported to Canada and United States.
  • "Sea Princesses", coproduced by Australian company Sauthern Star.[3]
  • "Megaminimals", exported to many countries such as United States, Kenia and China, thanks to its exposure in Cannes Festival.[4]

Viciana has worked a lot with Josep Roig Boada, the music composer, producer and sound engineer of most of Viciana's animated series and movies.

Featured work and awards

The company currently constitutes one of the largest fully-fledged studios in Europe with a distribution arm that manages its TV, video and merchandising rights portfolio. In The Global Animation Business report, with the participation of CARTOON, the European animation association, Neptuno Films ranked second among the most prolific European studios. Also, the company was chosen as one of the top 10 international animation studios outside the United States by Animation Magazine.[1]

Many series created by Viciana have became well-known and have been exported to other countries.

"The Ugly Duckling" was exported to Chinese public TV in 1997, and it was the first occidental animation series that entered in the Chinese market.[4] "Connie the Cow" was exported to different countries such as United States and Canada, and it was one of the most awarded series in 2000 Cannes Festival. It also won a Cartoons on the Bay in 2005 and a Zapping Award in 2006. "Detective Bogey" won the award of Best Spanish Animated Series. "Megaminimals" has been exported to many countries such as United States, Kenia and China, thanks to its exposure in Cannes Festival.

Moreover, the docummentary "Dog's Life" was broadcast in French TV France 3, in the program "Terre de animaux", hosted by Brigitte Bardot.

List of Viciana's projects

1984-1985The amazing world of BruffiSerieScriptwriter and director Coproduced by TV3.
1986AuronesCoproduced by TVE
1987Aurones tribe
1988Catalonia's HistoryScriptwriterCoproduced by TV3
1989-1991The FruittiesScriptwriterCoproduced by TVE
1990La pista salta a la vistaScriptwriter and director Coproduced by TVE
1990LorganScriptwriter and producerProduced by Institut del Cinema Català
1991Delfy and His FriendsScriptwriterCoproduced by TVE
1995-1997Detective Bogey
1997-1998The Ugly DucklingCreator
2000The Gravediggers SquadDirectorCoproduced by TV3
2000-2001The three bears
BandoleroCreator and directorCoproduced by Canal Sur
Three Bears StoryMovieDirector
The amazing adventures of the Ugly DucklingDirector
2001-2002Connie the CowSeriesCreator and director
20022020Coproduced by Megatrix
2003Learning with Connie
2003-2004Connie the Cow (season 2)Coproduced by TV3
Ugly Duckling: the Big Race
Holidays with El Patito Feo
Xmas with El Patito Feo
Misterious Stories
The haunted forest
Dragons and Elves
2005-2006TorkSeriesScriptwriter and creator
Dougie in disguiseCreator and director
2005Byte BoyScriptwriter and creator
2006Ambi and LanceScriptwriter and director
2007The adventures of the Three BearsMovieDirector
The Halloween Night
The scary adventures of the Gravediggers Squad
MegaminimalsSeriesScriptwriter and creator
2009-2012Megaminimals 2
2010-2012Rupert & SamScriptwriter and director
2015-2018The story is not over yet