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Joseph R. Rullo (born September 9, 1969) is a small business owner affiliated with the Republican Party who is running for Governor of New Jersey in 2017.

Political career

In 2012 Rullo ran for the Republican Senate nomination, coming in third in the primaries after David Douglass Brown and the winner of the nomination, Joe Kyrillos. [1] Kyrillos ended up losing the general election to incumbent Robert Menendez of the Democratic party.

Rullo was the first candidate to announce that he was running in the 2017 New Jersey Gubernatorial Election, announcing his candidacy in mid-2015. He is currently the only "outsider" candidate running in the election, with all other major candidates running for either party being political officeholders. [2]


Marijuana Legalization One of Rullo's core policies is the statewide legalization of Marijuana, following the example of the many states that have already legalized the drug. Rullo believes that legalization of the drug would save the state money in policing, bring in huge amounts of tax revenue, and effectively shut down the black market for the Marijuana, thereby reducing the crime rates in the state. [3]

Transportation Rullo has been a staunch opponent of the new 23-cent gas tax, recently introduced by Governor Chris Christie, and has vowed to do all in his power to repeal the measure and find the money for roads and transportation elsewhere. In addition, Rullo has promised to, if elected, dissolved the Transportation Trust Fund, and replace it with a "transparent, and efficiently run" fund instead. He has often claimed that corruption, especially in the area of transportation, is one of the greatest woes that plagues the state of New Jersey, and has repeatedly stated that he will do away with it once and for all. [4]

Veteran Relief Throughout his campaign, Rullo has often stated that he believes in completely eliminating the state income tax on Veteran's pensions, as well as making life for veterans in the state easier as a whole. Once elected, he has claimed to create a new "Veteran's Affairs" cabinet position, the holder of which would oversee all bills to increase the quality of life for New Jersey veterans. [5]

Support for Donald Trump Since the moment that Donald Trump was proclaimed the Republican Presidential Nominee, Rullo gave him his full support. Even though much controversy surrounded the now president-elect, Rullo believed that it was right to stand by the party's nominee, regardless of the issues at hand. He has also called out fellow candidate Jack Ciattarelli and prospective candidate Kim Guadagno for withdrawing their support from the nominee, and has called for them to withdraw from the race due to their support of Democrat Hillary Clinton. [6]


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