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Julian Hall
File:Julian Hall.jpeg
Julian Hall at The Business Show, ExCel London, May 2014
Born (1974-07-26) 26 July 1974 (age 45)
Harlesden, North West London, England
Residence Bedfordshire
Alma mater Greenwich University, (Applied Biology)
Occupation Businessman

Julian Hall (born 26 July 1974) is a British businessman and entrepreneur known for his efforts in digital marketing, technology, business coaching, public speaking, and self-publishing.

Early life and education

Template:BLP unsourced section Hall was born in Harlesden, North West London to a Grenadian Mother and Jamaican Father. He now lives in London with his family.

After attending Latymer Upper School, he finished his secondary education in 1992 and went on to study Applied Biology at Greenwich University. Further education included an IT Network Diploma with Nubicom Consultancy in 1996.



Hall launched and ran several small businesses between 1998 and 2003..[no citations needed here] However, it was in 2004, when he ventured into the small claims industry, that his tenure into digital marketing began. Hall bought a small Internet company called Claims Master Group[no citations needed here]. During this time he decided to become proficient in digital marketing to promote the website online and began to teach himself digital marketing techniques.[1]

Building on his increasing knowledge of digital marketing, in the same year, Hall set up EHL Online Holdings.[no citations needed here] Along with two partners he identified a gap in the market providing professional digital marketing services to small and medium-sized companies in the UK. In 2007, Hall raised capital through the GLE One London fund to go full-time with this digital marketing consultancy, which then became known as Pure Online Genius.[no citations needed here] In the same year, along with partners, he launched You Report TV.[no citations needed here] In the following year, the company was shortlisted by First Tuesday as one of the UK's most innovative internet companies.[no citations needed here]


In 2009, Hall joined the founder of Family Fridge featured on Dragons Den and the Channel 4 TV show Home of the Future.[2] The innovative platform allowed families to connect and organise activities online.

In 2010, Hall partnered with the founder of CaribDirect, David Roberts, to further develop Roberts' company's website and marketing strategy. The website provides news from across the Caribbean diaspora, and has to-date developed a Caribbean-oriented business network.[3]

Next, Hall sought to developed his personal brand JulianHall.co.uk to launch himself as a speaker, business coach, and independent consultant.[4]


In 2013, Hall partnered with The Caribbean Advertising Network[5] in Barbados. He also partnered to set up his own publishing company called Salmon Hall Publishing. Continuing his venture into the literary world, Hall became one of the producers of the Indie Book Show and sponsor of their creative writing project in Sierra Leone with PEN International.[6] A project which helped young African writers raise money for their school fees.[7] Hall was appointed to the board of Charity MOT[8] in March 2013.

2014 – Tribe

In 2014, Hall was appointed CEO of Tribe, a family oriented mobile application.


Using the Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing platforms, Hall self-published his first book, The 10 Secrets of Social Media Marketing (1 December 2010). The book provides insights into how to use social media to build relationships with customers.[9]

He also published his second book, Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to Up Your Game (July 2013), via Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Working with Web Translations Ltd, the book has been translated into six different languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.[10][11]

Hall next self-published Ignition – How to Startup a Tech Startup with Andreas Bauer of Four40 (February 2014). Penny Power OBE wrote its foreword.[12]

The Ultrapreneur franchise

Hall's book Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur: 100 Ways to up Your Game (2013) spurred several spin-offs. The first came during 2013 when Hall created the website UltrapreneurSayings.com, which published an original motivational saying for each day of the year. Also, as part of the MeWe360 business incubator funded by the British Arts Council and Ingenoius, Hall is currently developing an animated series of entrepreneurial superheroes. Later in November 2013, he launched The Ultrapreneur Magazine, featuring articles from entrepreneurs and business owners; the magazine exists in print and online. Inspired by the popular Love Is... cartoon series, Hall is developing UltrapreneurShip.IS, a series of cartoons to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs.[13]

The brand embarked into the mobile app space on 16 January 2013 with the launch of Julian Hall's Ultrapreneur Toolkit; Julian released the mobile app for both Android and iPhone. It serialises the content of his book, Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to Up Your Game, over a 100-day period. The app was later re-launched in April 2014 to include content from the various Ultrapreneur platforms.[14]

Public Speaking

Hall is a public speaker and lecturer who has spoken at various conferences, seminars, and universities in the United Kingdom, United States, and Caribbean. He has addressed such topics as 10 Secrets of Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur, Entrepreneurship and the Global Markets, How to Successfully Pitch your Business to Investors, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship, among others.[15]

Venues where he has spoken include:

Working alongside the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, Hall delivers his 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' workshop across the Caribbean.

In July 2013, Hall was a judge for the Juno Project student Change A World Challenge award, organised in conjunction with Women's Aid, on a panel alongside Duncan Bannatyne and Michelle Dewberry. [no citations needed here]

In December 2013, Hall re-assumed judging responsibilities and was a panel judge for the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in Westminster Kingsway College Pitch for Investment event.[no citations needed here]

Media Coverage

Hall has featured in various press titles such as:

As a contributor

  • The Voice newspaper (2011–2013), Hall contributed various articles in the papers business section[no citations needed here]
  • Panache magazine,[20] starting in 2013, Hall has been an ongoing contributor


  • Knowledge Fountain magazine (in 2008)[21]
  • Nubia magazine (April 2013)[22]
  • RAW Entrepreneur magazine (17 December 2008)[23]
  • The Leeward Times (26 October 2012)[24]
  • Reconnect Africa website (October 2012)[25]
  • First Up Breakfast Show ( October 2012), CNMG[26] in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Island Xclusive Show (Template:When[27] in Barbados
  • NACUE Young Entrepreneur Event (December 2012)[28]
  • CaribDirect.com "Julian Hall inspires audiences at ECCB Business Symposium" (Template:When)[29]
  • CarbDirect.com "Amazon Best Selling ebook by Julian Hall – Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to up your Game" (26 July 2012)[30]
  • Virgin Media Pioneers Twitter Question and Answer (10 August 2012)[31]


Hall is a member of the Association of Business Mentors.[32] Hall was nominated for a BEFFTA Award[33] in 2013 under the category of Best Author.

In 2008, You Report TV won the Web Marketing Associations WebAwards for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.[34]


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