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Martial artist

Julio Camacho was born in Rio de Janeiro on November 30, 1969, and is a Brazilian Professional Martial Artist and Ving Tsun Kung Fu teacher. He is a First Generation student of Leo Imamura and Second Generation student of Patriarch Moy Yat. He is titled Senior Master of Moy Yat Ving Tsun, one of the most respected organizations in the world in the transmission and preservation of the Ving Tsun System.

First Years of Ving Tsun

Julio Camacho first started learning Ving Tsun when he was 17 in Rio de Janeiro but had to stop due to a facial injury he got off a practice accident. Some years later, Julio resumed his studies under the supervision of Leo Imamura, a well-known Ving Tsun teacher from São Paulo.

At the age of 22, Julio Camacho began his career, as a transmitter of the System Ving Tsun, becoming sometime later, the main instructor of the Rio de Janeiro Branch of Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence (MYVTMI), institution, responsible for the preservation of the System in South America.

In 1996, Julio Camacho's Name was set into Moy Yat's Ving Tsun Lineage, since he became Lifetime disciple of Leo Imamura, in a ceremony held in São Paulo, presided by Moy Yat himself and witnessed by several international Ving Tsun masters.[1]

Since 1998, Julio Camacho every year tours internationally in order to propagate the Ving Tsun teachings. He has been invited to represent Moy Yat Ving Tsun in several states across America, as well in several other countries and continents around the world, giving and participating in seminars, lectures, training, exchanges, and demonstrations.[2]

In 2002, after recovering the copyrights, he released the book "Surf's Tao - The Zen and the art of catching waves"[3]. A book was written by him that relates the Ving Tsun System and Surfing.[4]

Becoming a Master

In the Year of 2003, the first Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence Masters Titling Ceremony was held in South America. This event happened in the city Atibaia, São Paulo. On this ceremony, Julio Camacho was awarded MYVTMI's Qualified Master title and thus was allowed to start his own Ving Tsun Kung Fu lineage, which happened in 2006, when Julio accepted his first-lifetime student: Leonardo Reis[5]. At the time this lineage was created, The Moy Jo Lei Ou Family, Julio Camacho ran two schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro.[6][7] One year later, in 2007, he was responsible for introducing the Ving Tsun System in Southern Africa, initiating the transmission of it in Angola.[8]

A few years later, in 2014 in a ceremony held in Rio de Janeiro, Julio Camacho was awarded the Title of MYVTMI's Senior Master.[9] As consequence of this ceremony, one year later, in 2015 two of his lifetime students, Leonardo Reis and Thiago Pereira were awarded the title of Qualified Master, and thus were allowed to start their own Ving Tsun Kung Fu lineages. Since then Julio Camacho's work reached a different level since he became the teacher of teachers.

In 2017, concerned with the future of the Ving Tsun System, Julio Camacho released with the help of his students, several web pages in order to propagate Kung Fu teachings to different kinds of public.[10] Later, in the same year he develops and presents the Fundamental Program of the Clan Moy Jo Lei Ou, this program aims to preserve the Legacy of Ving Tsun, as well as that of his own teacher, Leo Imamura.