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Larry Fortensky
Born (1952-01-17) January 17, 1952 (age 68)
Stanton, California
Spouse(s) Template:Unbulleted list
Children Julie Fortensky

Larry Fortensky (born January 17, 1952) is a construction worker best known as the seventh and last husband (but eighth marriage) of actress Elizabeth Taylor. Fortensky and Taylor were married on October 6, 1991, at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and divorced on October 31, 1996.

Early life

Fortensky, the eldest of seven children, was raised in working-class Stanton, California,[1] and dropped out of Garden Grove, California's Pacifica High School in the 10th grade. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1972 and discharged three months later. He married Priscilla Joan Torres in 1972, divorcing in 1974 after having one daughter, Julie Fortensky.[2] He subsequently married Karin McNeal and divorced in 1984.[2]

Substance addiction and marriage to Elizabeth Taylor

In 1987 he was convicted for driving while intoxicated. Police found him in a San Clemente, California parking lot, "very intoxicated" and in possession of marijuana.[2] Using Teamster medical insurance from his construction job, he checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic in 1988, where he met Elizabeth Taylor. At the time, he was living in a small house in Stanton.[3]

During the courtship she would sometimes deliver "goodies" to Fortensky at his work site.[4]

The wedding, which cost between $1.5 and $2 million, was attended by 160 at the Neverland Ranch, and presided over by Marianne Williamson. It was a high profile event with paparazzi helicopters buzzing overhead, and a guest list that including Liza Minnelli, Eddie Murphy and Nancy Reagan as well as Franco Zeffirelli, Arsenio Hall, Pia Zadora, George Hamilton, Merv Griffin, Quincy Jones and Macaulay Culkin.[5] Taylor's $25,000 dress was a gift from Valentino. She was escorted by Jackson and her eldest son Michael Wilding Jr. Their toast was with mineral water. Fortensky's best man was Taylor's hairdresser José Eber. Fortensky's family arrived in their own cars rather than limousines.[6][7] The couple donated money from selling wedding photos to AIDS charities.[8]

When Taylor and Fortensky married in 1991 Fortensky was reported to have a prenuptial agreement where he would receive $1 million (with no additional support) if the marriage lasted five years. The couple split after five years in 1996 with Fortensky hiring New York divorce attorney Raoul Felder.[9][10]

Linda Untiet, Fortensky's sister, said they were divorced because Fortensky did not want to be known as "Mr. Elizabeth Taylor" anymore and that the two had remained in contact after the divorce.[11]

In August 1996, Fortensky was arrested for drug use after police in Hemet, California found him in an illegally parked luxury motor home with no license plates with a woman he identified as his live-in maid. Fortensky, whose black BMW was parked by the home's front door, refused to allow police to search the motor home, but was arrested for being under the influence of drugs at the time.[12]


Fortensky fell down a flight of stairs at his home in San Juan Capistrano, California on January 29, 1999 and was hospitalized for two months, during which he was in a coma for six weeks. He suffers short-term memory loss as a result of the fall. He was reported to have been drunk at the time mourning the death of a prized pet.[1][13][14]

He bought a three-bedroom house in Temecula, California in 2002 with money from the divorce settlement. In 2009 Taylor,[15] with whom he remained friends, and spoke on the phone twice a month,[1] reportedly gave him $50,000 to pay the $5,800/month mortgage and keep the house out of foreclosure.[15] It was repossessed in 2010 after plummeting in value.[1]

Fortensky's last phone call with Taylor was a day before she entered the hospital[1] in February 2011.[16] Following her March 2011 death, she left Fortensky $800,000 in her will. As of April 2011 he lives with his sister Donna in a rented two-bedroom bungalow in Menifee, California. He is unable to work following his accident, for which he takes medication. He is estranged from his sister, Linda, who sold information to the National Enquirer, and from his daughter, Julie, following a conflict over money.[1]


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