Latitude and longitude of cities, A-H

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Country City Latitude Longitude
Afghanistan Herat Template:Coord
Afghanistan Kabul Template:Coord
Algeria Algiers Template:Coord
American Samoa Pago Pago Template:Coord
Andorra Andorra la Vella Template:Coord
Angola Moçâmedes Template:Coord
Anguilla The Valley Template:Coord
Argentina Buenos Aires Template:Coord
Argentina Córdoba Template:Coord
Armenia Yerevan Template:Coord
Aruba Oranjestad Template:Coord
Australia Adelaide Template:Coord
Australia Alice Springs Template:Coord
Australia Brisbane Template:Coord
Australia Canberra Template:Coord
Australia Coober Pedy Template:Coord
Australia Darwin Template:Coord
Australia Derby Template:Coord
Australia Newman Template:Coord
Australia Perth Template:Coord
Australia Townsville Template:Coord
Austria Vienna Template:Coord
Azerbaijan Baku Template:Coord
Bahamas Nassau Template:Coord
Bahrain Al-Manamah Template:Coord
Bangladesh Dhaka Template:Coord
Barbados Bridgetown Template:Coord
Belarus Minsk Template:Coord
Belgium Brussels Template:Coord
Belize Belmopan Template:Coord
Benin Porto-Novo Template:Coord
Bermuda Hamilton Template:Coord
Bhutan Thimphu Template:Coord
Bolivia La Paz Template:Coord
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Template:Coord
Botswana Gaborone Template:Coord
Brazil Belém Template:Coord
Brazil Brasília Template:Coord
Brazil Campinas Template:Coord
Brazil Cuiaba Template:Coord
Brazil Manaus Template:Coord
Brazil Porto Velho Template:Coord
Brazil Recife Template:Coord
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Template:Coord
Brazil Santarém Template:Coord
Brazil São Paulo Template:Coord
British Virgin Islands Road Town Template:Coord
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Template:Coord
Bulgaria Sofia Template:Coord
Burkina Ouagadougou Template:Coord
Burundi Bujumbura Template:Coord
Cambodia Phnom Penh Template:Coord
Cameroun Yaoundé Template:Coord
Canada Churchill, Manitoba Template:Coord
Canada Kugluktuk, Nunavut Template:Coord
Canada Ottawa Template:Coord
Canada Peace River Template:Coord
Canada Quebec Template:Coord
Canada Saskatoon Template:Coord
Canada Toronto Template:Coord
Canada Vancouver Template:Coord
Canada Whitehorse Template:Coord
Canada Winnipeg Template:Coord
Cape Verde Praia Template:Coord
Cayman Islands George Town Template:Coord
Central African Republic Bangui Template:Coord
Chad NDjamena Template:Coord
Chile Antofagasta Template:Coord
Chile Hanga Roa Template:Coord
Chile Santiago Template:Coord
Chile Puerto Williams Template:Coord
Chile Punta Arenas Template:Coord
Chile Valdivia Template:Coord
PRC Beijing Template:Coord
PRC Harbin Template:Coord
PRC Kunming Template:Coord
PRC Shanghai Template:Coord
PRC Urumqi Template:Coord
PRC Wuhan Template:Coord
Republic of China Taipei Template:Coord
Cocos Islands West Island Template:Coord
Colombia Bogotá Template:Coord
Comoros Moroni Template:Coord
Congo-Brazzaville Pointe Noire Template:Coord
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa Template:Coord
Democratic Republic of Congo Kisangani Template:Coord
Democratic Republic of Congo Lubumbashi Template:Coord
Cook Islands Avarua Template:Coord
Costa Rica San José Template:Coord
Côte d'Ivoire Abidjan Template:Coord
Côte d'Ivoire Yamoussoukro Template:Coord
Croatia Zagreb Template:Coord
Cuba Guantánamo Template:Coord
Cuba Havana Template:Coord
Curaçao Willemstad Template:Coord
Cyprus Nicosia Template:Coord
Czech Republic Brno Template:Coord
Czech Republic Prague Template:Coord
Denmark Copenhagen Template:Coord
Djibouti Djibouti Template:Coord
Dominica Roseau Template:Coord
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Template:Coord
Ecuador Guayaquil Template:Coord
Ecuador Quito Template:Coord
Egypt Aswan Template:Coord
Egypt Cairo Template:Coord
El Salvador San Salvador Template:Coord
England Birmingham Template:Coord
England Greenwich Template:Coord
England London Template:Coord
Equatorial Guinea Malabo Template:Coord
Eritrea Asmara Template:Coord
Estonia Tallinn Template:Coord
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Template:Coord
Falkland Islands Stanley Template:Coord
Faroe Islands Tórshavn Template:Coord
Fiji Islands Nadi Template:Coord
Fiji Islands Suva Template:Coord
Finland Helsinki Template:Coord
France Bordeaux Template:Coord
France Nice Template:Coord
France Paris Template:Coord
French Guiana Cayenne Template:Coord
French Guiana Gambier Island Template:Coord
French Polynesia Papeete Template:Coord
Gabon Libreville Template:Coord
Gambia Banjul Template:Coord
Georgia T'bilisi Template:Coord
Germany Berlin Template:Coord
Germany Hamburg Template:Coord
Ghana Accra Template:Coord
Gibraltar Gibraltar Template:Coord
Greece Athens Template:Coord
Greenland Godthåb Template:Coord
Greenland Qaanaaq Template:Coord
Grenada Saint George's Template:Coord
Guadeloupe Basse-Terre Template:Coord
Guam Hagåtña Template:Coord
Guatemala Guatemala City Template:Coord
Guernsey Saint Peter Port Template:Coord
Guinea Conakry Template:Coord
Guiné-Bissau Bissau Template:Coord
Guyana Georgetown Template:Coord
Haiti Port Au Prince Template:Coord
Honduras Tegucigalpa Template:Coord
Hong Kong Hong Kong Template:Coord
Hungary Budapest Template:Coord

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