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Lesley Evans (née Gibb)
Born Lesley Barbara Gibb
(1945-01-12) 12 January 1945 (age 75)
Manchester, England, UK
Nationality British
Occupation House wife, singer
Spouse(s) Keith Evans
Children Beri Gibb
Parents Hugh Gibb
Barbara Gibb (née Pass)
Relatives Barry Gibb (brother)
Robin Gibb (brother)
Maurice Gibb (brother)
Andy Gibb (brother)

Lesley Evans (née Gibb) (born 12 January 1945) is the sister of English musicians Barry, Robin, Maurice & Andy Gibb. She is the eldest child and only daughter of Hugh and Barbara Gibb.


Early years

Lesley was born on 12 January 1945 to Barbara and Hugh Gibb in Manchester, Lancashire, England. The family relocated to Scotland where Hugh was offered a job by Mecca at a Palais in Edinburgh. When they moved to the Isle of Man, they lived in a little flat over Maley's Chemist at 17 Strand Street in Douglas' main shopping street.[1] Lesley is of Scottish descent via her father and Irish descent via her mother.

On 1 September 1946 at 8:45 AM, Barry Alan Crompton Gibb was born at the Jane Crookall Maternity Home in Douglas. On 22 December 1949, Robin Hugh Gibb was born at 3:15 AM and Maurice Ernest Gibb at 3:50 AM in Jane Crookall Maternity Home. Of this time, Barbara Gibb has said: "We had this little girl, Lesley, who could talk to [the family] like a little lady, the baby twins, and poor old Barry was in the middle of this. I think he got a little introverted at the beginning, That was only for a period, and then he came out from that. He was the boss of the twins, and Lesley was the boss of a lot".[1]

Lesley remembered the 3 year old Barry was unimpressed with the twins. Lesley described Maurice as a quiet child. Lesley recalled an occasion when Barry, annoyed by Robin's crying, tried to give him a shake in an effort to quiet him, a lesson in child-care which he learned from watching his beloved Tatty with her kittens. When this proved to be ineffective on his brother, Robin screamed and Barry begged his mother Barbara to give the twins back. It would take a few years for Robin and Maurice to get past the crying stage but later Barry came to look upon his young brother as friends.[1]

While the twins were still young, the Gibbs moved to Smedley Cottage, Spring Valley, also in Douglas. When Barry started school on 4 September 1951 in Braddan School, Lesley explained: "When he was at school, he was always such a baby, always crying, You only had to look at him and tears would stream down his face. They used to call him Bubbles at school, it sort of suited him. There was always one girl in the street who would pick on him and give him a belting, and I'd have to go and give her a good hiding".[1] On 5 March 1958, Lesley's youngest brother Andrew Roy Gibb was born, nine years after the birth of Robin and Maurice. On 29 September 1964, Lesley gave birth to Bernice Barbara Gibb (only six years younger than her uncle Andy).[1]

Barry said later in 1968 that the Rattlesnakes' first song was "Wake Up Little Susie" (The Everly Brothers) was Lesley's Christmas present from her parents. Lesley recalls that the other "children of hardly six years old" were 9 year-old Barry's admirers, as an elder sister she says that she thought that in those days he was just a strapping lad with dirty fingers. When the family moved in Northern Grove also in Manchester, Rattlesnakes drummer and bassist, Paul Frost and Kenny Horrocks left the band.[1]

Later years

Lesley married Keith Evans, an Australian salesman who was also once Barry's assistant. Lesley performed "Give Your Best" with Ian MacLeod which was included on his album Restless. Lesley has a daughter named Beri Gibb.[2]

When Robin left the Bee Gees in March 1969, the band performed on the Lulu TV Show without Robin. Lesley's first appearance with the band was on the TV show Talk of the Town, aired on BBC 2 on 17 May 1969. Instead of Robin, Lesley appeared. She explained: "I was petrified, all those people watching, I almost burst into tears".[3] The last time she saw Robin was in Sydney in 2010, just after he had emergency surgery and thought he looked extremely underweight.[4] Lesley told The Sunday Mirror: "Robin just fell in. I remember him floating along with his eyes staring up". She also said that in the days before Robin's death, Barry rang her and said her brother would not pull through.[4]

On 14 February 2013, Lesley joined 4BC Breakfast with Peter and Mary, to talk about Redcliffe (a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, where they once lived) as a tribute to her brothers.[5]


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