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This is a list of characters in the Ranger's Apprentice novel series by Australian author John Flanagan. It includes humans, animals, and other creatures.

Main characters

Will Treaty

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Will has lived at Castle Redmont all his life. Along with his friends George, Alyss and Jenny, and his sometime-enemy Horace, he is a ward - an orphan brought up by the generosity of the Baron. All his life Will has dreamed of becoming a great knight, like the father he never knew. At the Choosing Day, when wards of the castle turning fifteen are given the chance to become apprentices, he desperately hopes he is chosen for the Battleschool, where the kingdom's knights are trained.The problem is, Will might be wiry and agile, but he's small for his age. There's no way the Battlemaster will accept him as a warrior apprentice. Will uses what he is good at - sneaking around without being seen, and climbing trees and walls - to find out what the Ranger Halt has written about him on the piece of paper in the Baron's office. When he's caught in the act, Will decides to face up to his fate rather than lie to the Baron. It is his honest answer and courage that convinces Halt that he is right about Will - small size or not, he is the perfect candidate to become an apprentice Ranger. As Halt trains him, passing on the secret skills of the Rangers, Will begins to realise that speed and agility and intelligence are every bit as important as physical size and muscles. He learns about loyalty and trust and friendship and he learns that courage can overcome even the greatest of enemies. Halt becomes the father figure that Will has never had. Finally, as the Kingdom prepares to go to war, he learns about his own identity - who he is and what he is to become. He marries his childhood friend, Alyss, who is later killed in The Royal Ranger when attempting to save a child during a fire in an inn. After the tragedy Halt assigns him an apprentice to mentor. Template:Clear

Halt "Arratay" O'Carrick

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One of the main characters, Halt is a senior member of the Ranger Corps - having reformed it with Crowley before Duncan was even king. Halt was born in Hibernia, a fact that he takes pains to hide even from Crowley (his best friend). Many people believe that Halt is over 7 feet tall or is a black wizard with sorcery. In reality, Halt is described as slim, less than average height, but possessing a "whipcord strength". He has salt and pepper grey hair and beard (though this is shaved in Book 8, and again in Book 9). At first it's rumored, and then Halt himself confesses, that he trims both hair and beard with his own knives. He is famous throughout the kingdom for defeating the Lord of Rain and Night (Morgarath) in the battle at Hackham Heath (he fought alongside Will's father, Daniel). Halt is an excellent archer (some claim he's the best - though he thinks to himself that perhaps Will is the best) and uses a longbow like all other Rangers. An example of his strength is demonstrated with his longbow - which Crowley and other's estimate has a draw weight of 80-90 pounds. Halt will claim that from time to time he's missed the spot he was aiming for. But everyone knows he hit it. The name of his Ranger horse is Abelard. Early books in the series hint at a past relationship with Halt and Lady Pauline - the head of Diplomatic Services at Castle Redmont. Neither ever confirm or deny the rumors until Book 7 (Erak's Ransom) when Halt proposes and it's revealed that they do indeed have a long history together and a deep love for each other. He was Gilan's old mentor. In addition to being Will's mentor, he also comes to love him like a son. He also doesn't doesn't hesitate to admit his faith in Will. Halt is a legend and it is said repeatedly by many people who know him (including the Ranger Commandant Crowley) that there will never be a greater Ranger than Halt. Book 8 reveals that Halt is part of the Royal Family of Clonmel. In addition, his younger twin brother, Ferris (then King of Clonmel), had tried to unsuccessfully 3 times to kill him - because Ferris believed he should have been the elder brother and therefore, heir to the throne. Shortly after the third attempt, Halt fled Clonmel as he felt no one would believe him (The only one that did his little sister Caitlyn. Unfortunately she dies - but leaves behind a son, Sean who eventually becomes Ferris' chamberlain). He was en route to Gallica when he stopped for a meal at an inn. This proved to be a pivotal move for his future as The Lost Stories reveals this is where he and Crowley meet for the first time and begin forging their lifelong friendship. In Book 9 (Halt's Peril) he almost dies from a poisoned crossbow bolt shot by one of the Genovesans (assassins - 3 of whom are in the employ of Tennyson as he travels the countries preaching about false gods and robbing people of their gold and jewels). At the "ninth hour" Will realizes that they're close by the forest where Malcolm lives. Will believes Malcolm to be the greatest healer in all the world. Fortunately, Will finds the healer, has no problem convincing him to come along, and Malcolm is able to create and antidote which saves Halt. In Book 12 Halt has retired from the Ranger Corps (Crowley had passed away 3 years prior) but still offers assistance from time to time. He and Pauline travel to Castle Arulen at the request of Horace and Cassandra (Evenlyn) who are now married. They have a daughter, Madelyn, who turns out to possess the same restless spirit that her mother had as a teen. Whereas Cassandra was more refined though, Madelyn is more reckless. Horace and Cassandra are beside themselves as to what do to with her. Halt suggests that she stay with Will and become a Ranger's Apprentice (being the first woman to ever do so). He feels this will help both Maddie and Will, who has become very bitter in the last book after the death of Alyss. Halt sees Maddie as a niece or god-child, and she loves and respects him highly. Template:Clear

Horace Altman

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Horace is a ward mate in Castle Redmont with Will, and eventually becomes a Battleschool Apprentice, and afterwards becomes a prodigious knight. He is a natural warrior, and although he used to be Will's rival, they soon become best friends. He is tall with blue eyes, a crooked nose and a scar on his cheek, but the look suits him and he is described as devastatingly handsome. He is the captain of the Araluen Royal Guard Unit B during the events of Book 6. He is also known as the Oakleaf Knight, and is famous in Gallica, and he is also quite comfortable in female company. He is also called the Sunrise Warrior in Book 8. The honorific refers to a legendary swordsman from the east who would save the kingdoms of Hibernia. Most people think Horace is not a great thinker, but he just likes to think things through properly. He is very logical and methodical but prefers to rely on Halt or Will when extraordinary tactics are needed. Horace normally carries a shield with an oak leaf carving on it (though he uses a shield bearing the emblem of the Sunrise Warrior in Book 8), a plain sword, and a heavy dagger. Horace has saved the Royal Princess of Araluen (He and Will have some tension between them about Princess Cassandra) and killed Morgarath, Lord of Rain and Night, in single combat (the duel is described in the second book). In Book 6, Horace defeates John Buttle and Sir Keren, and Killeen the massive Islander in Book 8. In Book 10, he becomes a very good friend with the Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Shigeru). Horace plays a large part in most of the books. It is rumoured that he is in love with the Princess Cassandra in the ninth book. Horace is big for his age and is a natural athlete. He is strong, athletic, tall, muscular and fit. In the end of the tenth book, Horace proposes to the Princess Cassandra. In Book 11, Horace marries Cassandra becomes the future Queen's Consort of Araluen. Template:Clear


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Gilan is Halt's former apprentice and is the only Ranger who wields a sword. He was taught how to use one by the fearsome warrior MacNeil, but eventually became a Ranger anyway, since his father and Halt were good friends. Gilan is tall, dashingly handsome and humorous, in sharp contrast to his former mentor. He is also good with dealing with people, making them feel at ease with the tall Ranger. He also tries to cover up fears and worries with more humorous and seemingly uncaring attitude, mainly to calm people down. He was the Ranger for Meric Fief, and he is moved to Whitby in Book 8. He owns a horse named Blaze. Gilan wants to travel with Halt to rescue Will in the third book, but Halt does not allow him to. Gilan is one of the junior Rangers, though one of the best unseen movers. Gilan plays a main part in the first, second and seventh books, is mentioned in the sixth book, and also appears in the beginning of the third book, willing to join Halt to search for Will, but Halt won't allow him to. Later he appears in the beginning of the eighth book and the end of the ninth book. He is also at Will and Alyss's wedding in book 11, where he is holding hands with Jenny. He is responsible for teaching Horace and Will the Ranger double knife block, to use in close combat when Will doesn't have his bow. The technique saves both Will and Horace's lives at some point. In the 8th book, Gilan is moved from Norgate to Whitby Fief, an economic center of the Kingdom. Gilan is in love with Jenny, while not knowing that she loves him too, but unable to marry her due to Jenny refusing to move from Redmont. Gilan was appointed as the new Rangers Commandant after Crowley's death. Template:Clear

King Duncan

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King Duncan is the King of Araluen throughout the series and appears in books 2-4,7,11,12. King Duncan, described as a mild-mannered but capable king, came to power soon after the Ranger Corps had been reformed by Halt and Crowley. Soon after his ascension to the throne, Baron Morgarath begins a rebellion against the young king. Despite the rebel's early successes, King Duncan prevails against his enemy at the Battle of Hackham Heath with the aid of Halt. Fifteen years later, during the events of Books 1 and 2, the King not only suffers another attack on his kingdom by Morgarath but also the kidnap of his daughter at the hands of Skandians led by Erak Starfollower. Following another victory against Morgarath, King Duncan remains focused on capturing the rebel's lieutenants rather than immediately pursuing his daughter. Halt, whose apprentice was also captured by the Skandians, opposes this policy and publicly berates Duncan out of desperation. The King is forced to pass judgment on the Ranger but only has Halt exiled for the term of one year. This "banishment" allowed Halt to pursue both Will and Cassandra while also being allowed to return to Araluen. Upon Halt's early return in Book 4, the King invites the Ranger back with open arms and in doing so pardons him for the remainder of his exile. In Book 7, the King is reluctant to allow his daughter to travel to Arrida in order to free Oberjarl Erak but is convinced by Lady Pauline. In Book 12, Duncan is plagued by illness and Cassandra has become caretaker to the throne. Despite his ailments, the King spoke to Halt regarding the similarities between his daughter and Madelyn, his granddaughter. Throughout the series, King Duncan maintains composed during times of crisis but during private councils displayed some emotional tendencies, such as in Book 7 when he first opposed his daughter's journey to Arrida. Duncan is held in high regard by many, in particular, Halt, Horace, and Pauline and several times Cassandra asserts her desire to be a "good" ruler like her father.

Erak Starfollower

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Erak Starfollower is a senior Skandian Jarl in charge of the wolfship Wolfwind. In the fourth book, he becomes the Oberjarl. His second in command is Svengal, who eventually becomes Skirl of the ship. Erak first appears in the second, third, and fourth books, and in the seventh, he is captured and held at ransom. He is originally seen in the Wargals camp eating meat with Svengal, Nordel and Horak, who later capture Will and Evanlyn. He is a typical mercenary but he isn't a cold blooded killer like some Skandians and that is proved when he helps Evanlyn (Cassandra) and Will escape from Skandian slavery. He particularly has an aversion to horses and warmweed, an extremely addictive drug. He is a fearsome opponent, and wields a large battle axe.He is also feared for his sometimes short temper. He grew a liking to Will and Evanlyn in book 3 when he took them as prisoners. Template:Clear

Princess Cassandra

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Princess Cassandra, also known as Evanlyn, is a mysterious girl Will and Horace meet in Celtica, and she is later revealed to be the Princess Cassandra, the daughter of the King of Araluen. At first, one could have mistaken her for a boy. Evanlyn, the person she is pretending to be, is actually her late maid and friend. She is blonde, stubborn, attractive, and has green eyes. She is familiar with politics and military strategies, but not survival skills. She appears in the second, third, fourth, seventh, tenth and the twelfth book and is mentioned in the sixth.

When Will and Evanlyn traveled and fought together through Celtica, and later imprisoned in Skandia, they developed a strong bond with each other, however this never had a chance to develop or be reciprocated as when they returned home their relationship suffered due to their separate callings and way of life. Evanlyn is described as being very determined and on occasions stubborn. On the first meeting between Will, Horace and Gilan, she shows little survival or fighting skills - being accustomed to the comfort of royalty and castle life. However as the series develops, she proves herself to be a skillful fighter armed with her weapon of choice- a sling. This is particularly evident during her travels in Arridi and her calm leadership in battle is shown during the battle for Skandia. She married Horace and had a daughter named Madelyn (Maddie), who possesses many of her mother's skills. Template:Clear

Morgarath The Third

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Morgarath The Third lives in his kingdom in the Mountains of Rain and Night. He is the former Baron of Gorlan Fief, and is rebelling against King Duncan. He is an expert swordsman and has strange allies (Wargals and Kalkara). He bribes the Kalkara with silver to make them do his bidding. He is proficient in mind control, using it to control an entire army of Wargals. His former fief is the ruined Gorlan, and his current domain is the Mountains of Rain and Night. He is tall, pale, and insane, with white hair and a thin voice. He is killed in a swordfight by Horace in the second book(The Burning Bridge). Template:Clear

Alyss Mainwaring

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Alyss is a former ward mate of Horace and Will, and a member of the Diplomatic Service, recruited by Lady Pauline in the first book, The Ruins of Gorlan. She is tall,elegant, graceful, ash blond, intelligent, and has always been a friend of Will's. It is noted that Alyss is afraid of heights. She appears in the first, second, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth,and eleventh books mainly as a Courier of the King. In the fifth (Sorcerer in the North) and sixth books (The Siege of Macindaw), she is captured by Sir Keren and imprisoned into a high tower, where she is subjected to an enchanting blue stone. She indirectly kills Keren by splashing his face with acid, and he plummeted to his death because of cell bars Alyss weakened with the same acid. She is Lady Pauline's bridesmaid at her wedding in the seventh book. Alyss also appears in the eighth book and it is revealed that she and Will are now in a romantic relationship and seem to be happily in love, something Halt and Pauline both approve of. Her father was a cavalry lieutenant who died at Hackham Heath, when Morgarath's Wargal army had been defeated and driven back to the mountains. Her mother, devastated by her loss, succumbed to a fever some weeks after giving birth. At the end of the tenth book, Will rather awkwardly proposes to Alyss, and while she puts on a show of being offended by the clumsiness of his proposal she is actually smiling. Alyss later agrees and she and Will get married in The Lost Stories. Alyss does not appear in The Royal Ranger and her absence deeply effects Will. Template:Clear

Lady Pauline

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Lady Pauline is in charge of the Diplomatic Corps at Castle Redmont. She is good friends with the Scribemaster and recruited Alyss in the first book. She is a tall and graceful lady and mentor to Alyss. In book seven she marries Halt on the fourteenth of an unknown month. Template:Clear

Madelyn Altman

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Madelyn is the daughter of Cassandra and Horace Altman. Halt and Pauline is her aunt and uncle, whereas Will is known as her godfather even though when Madelyn gets emotional and starts to cry and gets really sad or upset she calls him Uncle Will. An example of this is the period in the book The Royal Ranger and Madelyn is Will's apprentice Ranger mandatory for one year and he is so hard and though she acquires the skills of a Ranger, in their first mission she kills her first person with a lead shot from her sling. When Will comes back to the inn she was staying at (because he wasn't there earlier) Madelyn starts crying into Will's chest and she said while sobbing "Uncle Will, I killed that man." And he replied" It's alright, my sweet." Because he had shared the same feeling with his old mentor Halt. At Madelyn's bronze oak leafing ceremony she told Cassandra and Horace she wanted to continue her Ranger training. Leaving Cassandra speechless because she knew that that would be another 4 years. Cassandra asked Horace what he thought and he had told Cassandra "Say yes."

Minor characters

Jennifer Dalby

Jenny, Will's former ward mate, was apprenticed to the chef Master Chubb, but now runs her own successful establishment. She had always possessed a love for food and talent for cooking, so her apprenticeship was no surprise. Jenny is pretty, plump, and blonde. Horace is fond of her in the first book. She is a bridesmaid with Alyss at Lady Pauline's wedding. In the seventh book, Jenny falls in love with the Ranger Gilan while not being aware that Gilan is taken with her also. She soon realizes that Gilan asks her to marry her, but postpones for many years ahead.

George Carter

George Carter is Horace and Will's former ward mate, who is now in scribe school. He has appeared only in the first and tenth books, but was mentioned in the seventh and eighth book. It is also revealed that in the eighth book (The Kings of Clonmel) that he is one of Redmont fief's leading defense attorneys. George is thin and gangly. He is fascinated with rules and regulations. He likes to examine both sides of situations. He saves Horace's life by shoving Horace onto the ground just after an arrow sweeps across his face and buries itself into George's upper arm in the tenth book while accompanying him to Nihon-Ja.

Crowley Meratyn

Crowley Meratyn is the commandant of the Ranger Corps and is in charge of Castle Araluen's fief. It was Crowley and Halt who put the Ranger Corps back together after it had been in need of revamping. He is fond of dogs, and has a secret hideout in the Rangers' Gathering ground, which only Will and Halt know about. He is also a master of unseen movement and hiding. He is briefly mentioned in books one and nine, and has so far appeared in books two through eight, though his appearances in six and seven are brief. He is Halt's best friend and oldest comrade, and is also one of many advisors to King Duncan, along with Halt and Baron Arald. His last name is revealed to be Meratyn when he introduces himself to Halt in book 11. In the last book he died peacefully with an apparently 'wiry' grin on his face.


A Skandian pirate who first appears in Book 2. He is Erak's second-in-command and extremely loyal to his captain(and later, Oberjarl). He fights the Temujai in Book 4 and becomes the Captain of Wolfwind following Erak's ascension to the Skandian throne. He returns in Book 7 to request aid from Araluen in order to recover Oberjarl Erak from Wakir Selethen.

Gundar Hardstriker

Gundar Hardstriker is a Skandian Skirl who appears in the fifth, sixth and tenth books. He most likely lives in Northern Skandia. He was forced to raid Will's sleepy fief, Seacliff, after his crew ran out of supplies, but Will gave him some livestock, grain and flour without any violence. He and his men helped Will lay siege to Castle Macindaw. after the siege Gundar rebuilds his ship and names it Wolfwill . Gundar has an annoying habit of repeatedly asking, "Are we nearly there?" In the tenth book, he transports Will, Halt, Alyss, Evanlyn and Selethen to Nihon-Ja to aid Horace.

Nils Ropehander

Nils Ropehander is a Skandian sailor, and a member of Gundar's crew, appearing in the sixth, tenth, and eleventh books. When Horace is declared as the tactical commander for the siege of Macindaw Castle, Nils protests abrasively. After a solid beating by Horace, he soon becomes one of the knight's most fervent followers. Reappearing in book ten to ferry Will, Halt, Alyss , and Evanlyn to Nihon-Ja, he is extremely concerned about Horaces disappearance. Though he is left out of the subsequent battles, upon Horace and Evanlyn's engagement announcement, he is overjoyed and demands to be a pageboy at the wedding. Nils attends the wedding with the rest of the Skandians from Gundar's ship, Wolfwill. Right before the bridal dance, he helps Will defeat the Genoveasan assassin that was attempting to murder Evanlyn.


Malcolm is an alleged black sorcerer who resides in Grimsdell Forest. His house is in the Healer's Clearing, where he treats people's various ailments. He is balding, humorous, and short, with hazel eyes. He was named Malkallam when, after a healing exercise went wrong, he was wrongly accused of sorcery. Malkallam originally was a legendary sorcerer of the region with an argument against the Seneschal of Macindaw. He saves Orman's, (temporary commander of Macindaw) life in Book 6 when he is exposed to a deadly toxin. Malcolm has devised many tricks to ensure people stay away from him and the deformed people he cares for, involving rockets, lights, voices, and mist. He appears in Book 9 to help treat a poisoned wound Halt received from a crossbow bolt.


Trobar is a deformed giant that resides in Healer's Clearing, along with Malcolm and several other. He is described as huge (bigger than Gundar) but he has a talking deformation, hence coming to Malcolm. In The Sorcerer in the North, Will gives Trobar a dog who he names Shadow. Trobar attacks Buttle in The Siege of Macindaw because he figured out that Buttle was the one who harmed Shadow.


Orman is the son of the Lord of Castle Macindaw, and cousin to the treacherous Sir Keren. Will and Alyss think him to be the enemy for the main part of 'Sorcerer of the North', until the truth is revealed about his cousin. In "Sorcerer of the North" he is portrayed as an arrogant and pompous lord but he is poisoned by Sir Keren in a plot to hand over castle Macindaw to the Scotti and is taken in by Malcolm. In "The Siege of Macindaw" his demeanor becomes much more subdued due to his time in the Healers Clearing and becomes Will's ally and friend. Near the end of the book he gives a new mandola, created by the finest mandola craftsmen in Araluen, to Will.

Sir Keren

Sir Keren plots against his uncle and cousin in the fifth and sixth books. He tries to get Norgate fief into his control by killing Syron and poisoning Orman. Few people believe he is guilty because he is very well known and liked. One guard is quoted saying that Keren is a real warrior, and that if Orman ordered them to take up arms against him, they would refuse. Keren imprisons Alyss and uses hypnosis to force her to do anything he tells her, even revealing that Will is a Ranger. He is killed in "The Siege of Macindaw" when Alyss splashes acid on him after being brought out of hypnosis by Will. Keren secretly loved Alyss, and wanted her to be his wife ( said in book 6), and his heart was broken when she said no.

John Buttle

An outlaw from Seacliff Fief who tormented his dog, Shadow. Shadow was taken in by Will and, when Buttle came to reclaim his dog, the thief overheard the details of Will's new assignment. To deal with this, Will takes matters into his own hands which begins a new method of trading with the Skandians. However, Buttle reappears at Castle Macindaw as Sir Keren's second-in-command. He is later confronted by Horace in Book 6.

Selethen the Hawk

Seley el'then (better known as Selethen since most foreigners can't pronounce his real name correctly) is the Wakir (the equivalent of a Baron) of the Arridi town, Al Shabah. When Erak goes on "one last raid" to Arrida, thanks to intelligence reported, Selethen captures Erak. He also appears in Book 10 when he unexpectedly shows up on the Skandian ship after Gundar notices him.

Sir Rodney

Sir Rodney is the battle master of Redmont. He is good friends with Halt and Baron Arald of Redmont. He is large and has a broken nose. He favors a battle axe as a weapon in combat. In the first book he, Baron Arald, Halt, and Will slay the Kalkara. He appears briefly in the second and fourth books. He's mentioned in book 8 briefly and it was told by Pauline that he was dating Lady Margaret of Redmont.


Ragnak was the former Oberjarl of Skandia. He appears in books three and four. Ragnak is a large muscular man who died the battle against the Temujai in a battle rage Skandians have, in the fourth book. Ragnak was a popular leader, and his death was mourned. He was proceeded by Erak Starfollower.

General Haz'kam

General Haz'kam is the leader of the Temujai forces who plan to invade Skandia in Oakleaf Bearers (also known as the Battle for Skandia).

King Ferris

King Ferris is the King of Clonmel and the younger brother of Halt. In the end of book eight he gets shot and killed by a Genovesan crossbow bolt that hit him in the back. King Ferris has a nephew named Sean Carrick and he had a little sister called Caitlyn. He is impersonated twice by Halt to fool Tennyson.

Sean Carrick

Sean Carrick is Ferris and Halt's Nephew. After Halt abdicates the throne when his brother dies, Halt says that Sean is next in the line and anoints Sean as the king of Clonmel. His mother was Caitlyn.


Tennyson is a criminal that makes a religious cult and goes around fooling people into believing his false god (Alseiass, the Golden God) and eventually tricking them out of their precious, little valuables. He is the main antagonist in books 8 and 9. He is eventually cornered by Will, Horace, Halt, and Malcolm. He attempts to flee but Will uses Malcolm's entire batch of smoke bomb devices to force a cave in of Tennyson's preaching cave. During the cave in, Tennyson falls into the rocks and is killed.


Genovesans are deadly assassins that are experts in killing people, knife fighting and are fond of poison and crossbows. Three of them Bacari, Marisi, and Luciano kill King Ferris after being hired by the criminal Tennyson in the book "The Kings of Clonmel". Luciano laters fights Will to a ranged duel, but Will wins, resulting in Luciano's death. In "Halt's Peril", Will and Halt attack the two remaining Genovesans in a forest; Marisi is shot in the side by Will and killed by Halt who is also shot in the arm with a poison bolt by Bacari. Halt is saved by Malcolm, while Bacari is eventually captured, interrogated, and killed by Will. In the eleventh book, two Genovesans attempt to murder Evanlyn at her wedding,but are stopped by Will and Nils Ropehander.


There is not much known about Skinner except that he has slightly better grades than Clarke, his mom is taller than he is and he takes over Harrison's old fief (Coledale). He graduated in book 8.


Not much is known of Clarke, except that he has a younger brother, he snores quite loudly, and takes Will's fief: Seacliff Fief.


Meralon is Ranger 27 of Norgate fief, in book 6, The Siege of Macindaw. He is stuck up, and Will doesn't see how a ranger like Meralon got put in charge of Norgate. Harrison was assigned to Norgate fief in book 8. It is not known what happens to him after book 6.


Martin is Baron Arald's Secretary. He's very zealous about formal occasions, and talks in an overly loud voice.

The Black O'Malley

O'Malley is a smuggler, and solely appears in the ninth book. He's always accompanied by Nialls and Dennis, two other smugglers, and his bodyguards. Everyone in town fears O'Malley, that's why he has so much power. Halt and Will let his ship slam into a reef. Despite the fact Halt and Will threw a few pieces of wood to the sinking ship as a lifesaver, O'Malley probably died.


Deparnieux is the Gallican warlord, one of many that pillage the Gallican countryside, that holds Halt and Horace hostage in book 3. He has a large castle, with cages outside to punish people. These cages are not an average jail; they line the path leading up to his castle and they hold people who starve to death in them. Deparnieux does not care to remove their bodies as it scares away people walking on the path. He is killed when Halt and Horace destroy his castle in the end of the book. He likes the color black, with black armour, a black battle horse, etc.


A former Ranger and a present advisor to Crowley who lives in the castle of Araluen. Gives pointers to Princess Cassandra about unseen movement.


A ranger who becomes a travelling jongleur after losing a leg fighting Skandians. He occasionally works undercover for the Ranger Corps. In the 5th book he teaches Will how to act as a jongleur in order to remain undercover in Macindaw. He plays the gitarra.


Bartell was the Ranger of Seacliff before Will. In charge of devising tests for apprentices. He is now working in the Ranger Archives.

Old Bob

Old Bob trains the Ranger Corps' horses. He first appears to give Tug to Will in the first book. It is said he has been around horses so much that he is almost one of them. He looks after Tug when he is disabled or hurt. In the last book 'Young Bob' takes over the job. The apparent fate of Old Bob is unknown.

Young Bob

The son of "Old Bob", he is currently the person who trains the Ranger Corps' horses. Little is known about him.

Salt Peter

Poor farmer who likes a bit of salt on his meat. He told Will and Halt about the boar in the first book. It is thought that he may be a spy from Morgarath to get a sketch of Halt's face and size to enable the Kalkara to hunt him.


The Emperor of the Nihon-Ja in the 10th book. He is one of Horace's best friends and ally after they both stopped a rebellion from an evil senshi that spread a rumour that an usurper has taken the throne. He is known for his great courage and as a fair ruler. He is very popular with the people of Nihon-Ja. He also attended Horace and Evanlyn's/Cassandra's wedding in the 11th book.


Shigeru's Cousin, he dies in the 10th book, while holding a ford to give Shigeru and his retinue time to escape. Later in the tenth book the Emperor Shigeru gives Horace a gift from Shukin's backpack, a sword copied from Horace's sword, but made by Ni-han Ja master smiths.


Arisaka is the main antagonist in book 10. He believes that he is the only one who deserves to be the emperor of Nihon-Ja. He is killed by Will by his saxe knife.


A Nihon-Jan Lord who rules the Hasanu. While loyal to Shiguru, he was at first anxious to command the Hasanu to aid the Emperor. After Cassandra and Alyss quell his fears, Lord Nimatsu and the Hasanu go to Ran-Koshi to support Shiguru. Nimatsu only appears in Book 10.

Jory Ruhl

Ruhl, also known as "The Stealer of the night" is a thief who burned down an inn which resulted in the death of Alyss. This galvanized Will to pursue Ruhl with mindless hatred. After having his previous endeavors destroyed by Will's pursuit, Ruhl takes on the persona of "the Stealer", a nightmarish ghoul who kidnaps ten children in a coastal Araluen fief. Ruhl plans on selling these children to Iberion slave traders. However, Will and his apprentice, Madelyn, discovered the plot and thwarted the Stealer's efforts. After a brief confrontation in which Jory severely wounded Madelyn, the Stealer lost his footing and was killed in a fire.



Tug is a sturdy little pony who is very fond of Will and vice versa. His code phrase is "Do you mind?". Tug has saved Will's life on many occasions, most prominently on the boar hunt in the first book. Also, in the fourth book, Tug was shown to become distressed when Halt and Horace were tracking someone who turned out to be Will. He gets lost in a sandstorm in Arrida during the seventh book and was found by a Bedullin named Hassan. Will then won him back by beating him in a race. He retires when he injures his leg protecting Will from a wolf in book 11. He is taken over by another who looks almost the exactly as Tug. Renamed Bellerophon, as his last request to Will.


Abelard is Halt's horse and his name originates from Gallica. Halt, like all Rangers, is very fond of him, and is often seen to be sharing a private joke with the horse, and talking to him. He also states in the third book that Ranger horses are "only human" with a faint smile on his face. In book 9 he becomes distressed when Halt is poisoned. Abelard also understands Gallican, which is the language Halt usually uses to communicate with him. His password, "Permettez moi?", is also in Gallican.


Kicker belongs to Horace and is a tall and muscular bay battlehorse that appears first in book two. Since both horse and rider are tall, Halt, Will and even Gilan have to look up, but only slightly for Gilan. Kicker and Horace both seem to understand each other, but Kicker is not up to any Ranger horse standard. Despite this fact, Horace cares for him and makes sure that Kicker is comfortable wherever he is. He also begins talking to his horse when he rides alone, to which Kicker seems to respond.


Blaze is Gilan's mare, and like the Ranger, she is tall and easily amused, although it is hard to tell with a horse (even a Ranger one). She, like all Ranger horses, will also listen and respond to a single touch or sound. Blaze and Gilan are quite similar in their personalities. Blaze is a girl, as the author has stated. He called Blaze a "him" in one of the books by mistake. Blaze's code phrase is "Brown eyes".


Arrow is the horse that was lent to Will in Erak's Ransom after he lost Tug in a sandstorm. He has very good manners. He's killed by a lion, thus saving Will by attracting the lion's attention. When the vultures came, the Bedullins saw them and came to look at what it was and saved Will from death and thirst.


Ebony is Will's second dog. She was given to him in Halt's Peril by Trobar, when Will brought Malcolm back to his home in Grimmsdell Wood. Ebony is one of the puppies (the pick of the litter, as Will requested) of Shadow, the dog Will gave away to Trobar, one of the other inhabitants of Grimmsdell Wood. She is a border shepherd (a border collie) as mentioned by Will in book 6. In the final book there is a reference of possibly Ebony's 'pick of the litter' which serves Will as a pet.


Sandstorm is Aseikh Umar's horse in Erak's Ransom. He is a fast horse and seems to kick a lot of sand when he gallops. It was ridden by Hassan ibn Talouk during a race against Will to get Tug back. It is also known to be the fastest horse, before Tug, in their nomadic tribe, the Bedullin.

Lord of the Sun

Name of the horse given to Hassan by Aseikh Umar, after losing Tug to Will in a race.


Also known as Blackie, Shadow is a border shepherd (border collie) that Will rescued after she was injured by her former owner John Buttle, a petty criminal. She was Will's pet in The Sorcerer in the North and The Siege of Macindaw, until Will gave her to the deformed giant, Trobar. Trobar named her Shadow after Will and Horace spent most of book six arguing over what to call her. Intelligent and loyal, she accompanied Will on his travels in book six and seven. Ebony is one of Shadow's pups, given to Will at the end of book 9.


The name of a piebald ridden by Madelyn during her training as a Ranger under the eye of Will Treaty, its main body color is a varying white and black. Its code for mounting the first time is 'Don't break me'. The horse was given to Madelyn from Young Bob, who is the descendant of Old Bob.


The name of the horse ridden by Liam who died on duty in his fief.


The name of Will's dog in book 12.



The Hasanu are a clan of Nihan-Ja which are loyal to Lord Nimatsu and, by extension, Emperor Shiguru. While they are human, the harsh and perpetual winter climate of the land they inhabit has forced them to adapt with long reddish hair covering their bodies. They are also over two meters tall. The Hasanu are a powerful race who are called upon by the Emperor to aid him against Arisaka's army. Cassandra and Alyss are sent to Lord Nimatsu to gain the Hasanu's assistance. After passing a test and alleviating the Hasanu's fears, Cassandra and Alyss gain their support in the Emperor's campaign against Arisaka. The Hasanu only appear in Book 10.


Wargals are bestial creatures that serve Morgarath. They are often called the "unminded ones", due to their lack of emotion, independence, and fear. Morgarath united them by taking control over their minds. He can control them by just thinking about what he wants them to do. Their only weakness is that they never see horses in their mountains. Therefore they are unsettled by them and do not fight, not knowing what to do. A cavalry can easily defeat them. When seen, people often say they are bearlike but in the shape of a human


The Kalkara are ape/bear like creatures that walk upright. Morgarath uses them as assassins by paying them large amounts of silver, which they covet. Their fur is almost as tough as armour but they are extremely flammable. Their only fear is fire. They can paralyse their victims with their eyes. Halt thinks it is some kind of hypnotism. There were three Kalkaras recorded in Araluan history. One was killed eight years before The Ruins of Gorlan took place. It took three fully trained knights to kill it, and only one survived, crippled for life. In The Ruins of Gorlan, Halt, Will, and Gilan track them across the Solitary Plains, unaware that their next target is Halt. They track him down and severely wound him. He almost manages to kill one, yet it gets at him and shatter his longbow. Will goes to Castle Redmont for help from Baron Arald and Sir Rodney. Baron Arald and Sir Rodney charge the wounded Kalkara and push it into the fire, finishing it off. The second downs Halt, but when Will shoots it with a flaming arrow, it explodes in flames.


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