List of surnames in Ukraine

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List of surnames in Ukraine. This list is also to include surnames that did not originate in Ukraine as there are people living in the country with numerous ethnic backgrounds, and, therefore, surnames, from all over the Europe and Asia. It also serves as an indication in the English Wikipedia to potentially point out the articles on family names that may need to be created. If you or your relatives live in Ukraine, go ahead and add your surname to the list. Please list the surnames in alphabetical order, according to Ukrainian Cyrillic. Please add the Ukrainian Cyrillic spellings as well. This list needs to be periodically updated from the Ukrainian Wikipedia. Template:TOC right


B (Б)

V (В)

H (Г)Hréhorczuk

G (Ґ)

D (Д)

E (Е)

Ye (Є)

Zh (Ж)

Z (З)

I (І)

Yi (Ї)

Y (Й)

K (К)

L (Л)

M (М)

N (Н)

O (О)

P (П)

R (Р)

S (С)

T (Т)

U (У)

F (Ф)

Kh (Х)

Ts (Ц)

Ch (Ч)

Sh (Ш)

Shch (Щ)

Yu (Ю)

Ya (Я)

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