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The teen sci-fi series The Tribe was created by Harry Duffin and Raymond Thompson and featured an extensive number of Tribes.

In order to survive in a world of chaos, the children band together in Tribes. They give themselves new names, reinvent dress codes and beliefs and create their own rules. Some Tribes are power hungry and malevolent, while others just try not to make the same mistakes the adults did and strive for peace. Some Tribes had central roles in the story, while others were just mentioned in passing by the characters. The number of Tribes increased as the series progressed. The main Tribe the show focused on was the Mall Rats.

Mall Rats

The Mall Rats are the main focal point of The Tribe.

Jack was the first owner of the "Phoenix Shopping Mall". His father had told him to come here after he died.[1] He was soon joined by others who sought refuge from the dangers of the streets. During Series 1, they all agreed on their tribal name in a formal ceremony performed by Tai-San.[2]

The Mall is in the City but is hard to access and, therefore, the Mall Rats are mostly safe from the outside world. They believe in creating a better world and vow not to make the same mistakes that the adults did.[3] They welcome anyone willing to join them in their mission to make a peaceful world but do not hesitate to fight back if someone threatens their freedom or their lives.

They succeed in freeing the City from the Locos, the Chosen and the Technos, and they quickly become famous and earn the respect of many other Tribes. When the second wave of the Virus appears, they risk their lives to discover an antidote, and give it for free to the other children.[4] The Mall Rats are the first Tribe in the City that creates new laws and sets up a Bill of Rights. They firmly believe anyone who breaks the rules is entitled to a fair trial, even their most feared enemies.[5] They start a market place and a trade system.[6]

The members of the Mall Rats do not wear specific clothing but their symbol is a pentagram encompassed by a circle (pentangle). This symbol was on an amulet Dal found at the farm, and when he showed it to Tai-San she realized that the symbol was destined to represent the identity of the Mall Rats.[6] The pentagram has been their symbol ever since. Most members of the Mall Rats wear it as a tattoo on their hands, so that people know who they are.[4]

The Mall Rats' symbol.

Original founding members:

Other members:

  • KC (joins the Mall Rats during Series 1)
  • Sasha (joined for a period of time)
  • Danni (joins the Mall Rats during Series 2)
  • Ebony (original member of the Locos; joins the Mall Rats at different times during the five Series)
  • Ellie (original member of the Farm Girls; joins the Mall Rats during Series 2)
  • Alice (original member of the Farm Girls; joins the Mall Rats during Series 2)
  • May (original member of the Outcasts; joins the Mall Rats during Series 2)
  • Pride (member of the Ecos who lives with the Mall Rats during Series 4 and 5)
  • Andy (shortly joins the Mall Rats during Series 3)
  • Tally (shortly joins the Mall Rats during Series 3)
  • Ned (shortly joins the Mall Rats during Series 3)
  • Mouse (is brought by Salene to join the Mall Rats during Series 4)
  • Charlie (is brought by Salene to join the Mall Rats during Series 4)
  • Dee (member of the Mozquitoes; lives with the Mall Rats during Series 4)
  • Patch (original member of the Wrecking Crew; shortly joins the Mall Rats during Series 4)
  • Sammy (joins the Mall Rats during Series 4)
  • Jay (original member of the Technos; joins the Mall Rats during Series 4)
  • Siva (original member of the Technos; joins the Mall Rats for a short while during Series 4)
  • Bray Jr (lived the first months of his life with the Ecos before joining the Mall Rats with his mother)
  • Gel (original member of the Modes; joins the Mall Rats during Series 5)


The Chosen with The Guardian and Trudy in Series 3.

The Chosen are a religious cult Tribe who were formed by the Guardian (aka Jaffa).

Most of the original members of the Chosen were first members of the Locos. When Zoot is accidentally killed by Lex, a few members leave the Locusts and follow Jaffa to form a new Tribe, in order to continue spreading "Zoot's Will".[7] The Chosen believe that Zoot was a god and, therefore, they try to convert the whole world and force everyone to worship him.

When the Chosen invade the City, they take over the Mall. The Mall Rats are left to choose between joining the Chosen and becoming their slaves.[8] This creates some tension between the members of the Mall Rats who resist and those who decide to give in.[9] After Trudy is sentenced to death and escapes,[10] Tai-San becomes the new Supreme Mother in the hope that she will be able to help The Guardian see reason.[11]

The Chosen's authoritarian rule ends towards the middle of Series 3, when they are defeated by the Mall Rats with the help of other Tribes.[12] However, the Guardian and his former lieutenant, Luke, both escape right before the Technos invade.[13]

The Chosen's symbol is a red/white hand. They can also be recognized by the blue robes they wear.


  • The Guardian (founder and leader of the Chosen)
  • Luke (lieutenant and right-hand of The Guardian)
  • Trudy (worshipped as the Supreme Mother and co-leader for a short while)
  • Brady (worshipped as the Divine Child)
  • Patsy (joins the Chosen as a spy)
  • Cloe (joins the Chosen as a spy)
  • KC (becomes The Guardian's Oracle to spy on the Chosen)
  • Salene (joins the Chosen when they invade the Mall)
  • May (joins the Chosen when they invade the Mall)
  • Tai-San (the new Supreme Mother)
  • Wolf (works for the Chosen during Series 2)


The Ecos (aka the Gaians) are a Tribe that lives in union with nature in the nearby forests close to the City.

They are a peaceful Tribe that doesn't interfere much with the other Tribes. They don't like to take part in conflicts but help the Mall Rats on a few occasions.[14] They live in the Eco camp in wooden huts.

When Amber joins the Ecos in Series 2, she becomes the new leader and changes her name to Eagle.[15] When both Pride and Amber go live in the City with the Mall Rats, Hawk becomes the new leader.[16]

The Ecos do not wear any Tribal symbols but usually have parts of their face colored and are easily recognizable by the way they dress. They wear natural fabrics and often put feathers in their hair.


  • Pride (lives with the Mall Rats for two Series but always remains a loyal member of the Ecos)
  • Eagle/Amber (original member of the Mall Rats; joins the Ecos during Series 2 and becomes their leader)
  • Hawk (leader during Series 4 and 5)
  • Bray Jr (spent his first months with the Ecos when the Technos invaded in Series 4)
  • Trudy (original member of the Mall Rats; lived with the Ecos during Series 4)
  • Brady (original member of the Mall Rats; lived with the Ecos during Series 4)
  • Mouse (member of the Mall Rats; joins the Ecos during Series 5)
  • Grey Owl (member of the Ecos during Series 3)
  • Bliss (mentioned by Trudy in Series 3)
  • Horse (mentioned with his brother by Amber in Series 3)


The Locos (aka the Locusts) are a Tribe led by Zoot that wreaks havoc in the City and terrorizes the other Tribes.[17]

The member of the Locos have only one order: to create "Power and Chaos", Zoot's motto. They abduct anyone who wanders the streets of the City and believe everything belongs to them. They were enemies with the Demon Dogs during Series 1 as both Tribes wanted total control of the City.

After Zoot is accidentally killed by Lex,[18] Ebony becomes their leader for a while. But after the second wave of the Virus weakens everyone, the Locos gradually lose power over the City. Some members remain loyal to Ebony while other members end up joining other Tribes.

They are easily recognizable by the police car Zoot and Ebony drive around the City with its lights and siren on. The Members of the Locos also wear helmets.


  • Zoot (founder and leader of the Locos)
  • Ebony (becomes the leader of the Locos after Zoot is killed)
  • Jaffa (left the Locos to form the Chosen)
  • Spike (Ebony's right-hand man and a member of her militia until he is fired and later killed.)
  • Luke (member of Ebony's militia before joining The Chosen)
  • Trudy (member of the Locos before joining the Mall Rats)
  • Glenn (former friend of Zandra and Lex who is infected by the Virus in Series 1)
  • Axl (becomes a member of Ebony's militia during Series 2)
  • T-Bird (represents the Locos in a dance competition that is held during the Tribal Gathering in Series 1)


The Technos in Series 4.

The Technos are a highly intelligent and advanced Tribe led by a computer genius, Ram.

In Series 4, they invade the City and begin their totalitarian rule over its people, believing they are bringing order to them.[19] Though the Technos are few in numbers, their technology is so advanced that they easily take control over the City.[20] They truly believe that they are helping all the citizens by restoring electricity[21] and food[22] and water supply.[23] In exchange, they take citizens to do hard work for them in labour camps.

Ram, with the help of computer expert Ved, experiments his new game in Virtual Reality on people,[24] and later makes it public in order to take further control over the City.[25] The citizens become addicted to the game and end up fighting in real life when they cannot use Virtual Reality anymore.[26]

When Ram is defeated by the Mall Rats,[27] Mega becomes the new leader of the reformed Technos but uses his power to take control over the City, before being defeated as well.[28]

The Technos reside in Ram's Palace, an abandoned hotel which used to belong to Ebony, and use it as their base of operations while residing in the City.[29]

The distinctive symbol of the Technos is a small black "T" with two red circles they draw on their forehead. They also wear black and silver uniforms and, at times, silver metallic masks that they use to conceal their faces.


  • Ram (founder and leader of the Technos)
  • Jay (general)
  • Ved (lieutenant and computer genius)
  • Java (commander, married to Ram)
  • Siva (married to Ram)
  • Mega (lieutenant and computer expert; becomes the leader after Ram's defeat)
  • Tai-San (last seen with the Technos at the end of Series 4)
  • Ebony (married to Ram)
  • Fish


The Zootists are a Tribe, formed by Ebony, Java and Siva in Series 5, who worships a reborn Zoot.

Ebony believes Zoot has come back to life and she and her sisters Java and Siva create chaos within the City, forcing the other Tribes to seek refuge in the safe zone and in the country. But in reality, the Tribe of the Zootists is part of Mega and Java's plan to take control over the City. Java manipulates Ebony with Virtual Reality[30] and makes her believe Zoot has come back to life, with the help of a Zoot look-alike, Darryl.[16]

The Zootists soon find themselves without a leader when Ebony, with the help of Siva and Slade, realizes she has been manipulated by Java.[31] The Tribe is dissolved when Mega's plan is revealed.

The Zootists have their headquarters in the old school where Ebony first met Zoot, then still known as Martin, and where she first heard his message of "Power and Chaos".[32] They control the whole City outside the safe zone and use the Zoo as a prison for all "non-believers".[33]

The Zootists dress with outfits similar to what Zoot was usually wearing. They also act like him and use a replica of the police car Zoot used to ride in.


  • Ebony (founder and leader of the Zootists)
  • Java (founder of the Zootists)
  • Siva (founder of the Zootists)

Other tribes

  • C & P Tribe

In Series 2, Cloe and Patsy don't feel part of the Mall Rats anymore and they decide to start their own tribe for a short while.[6]

Members: Cloe and Patsy

  • Colours

The Colours is the name given to the Reds and the Blues who were put into the Paradise program to fight against each other. When they become addicted to the game, the Reds and the Blues start a real-life war against each other. The members of the Colours wear red or blue bands on their heads depending on which team they belonged to in the Virtual Reality game.[26]

  • Demon Dogs

The Demon Dogs have always been enemies with the Locos.[17] When the Locos were defeated, the Demon Dogs faded into obscurity and they were not heard of afterwards. Not much is known about them. They controlled a rather large territory of the City, were feral and there for feared by most children who lived in the streets.[34] They also helped in the attack on Mega said by Lex when he was going through the plan on episode 48 in Series 5.

  • Farm Girls

The Farm Girls are a bunch of girls who run a farm on the outskirts of the city. The tribes leader Alice and her sister Ellie lived on the farm with their parents before the virus. In the first series, Bray, Lex, Dal and Jack go to the farm to trade batteries for food for Lex's and Zandra's wedding the only other known member of this tribe is Dawn

Members: Alice, Ellie, Rose and Dawn

  • The Gulls

The Gulls are one of the tribes seen in Series 2 and 3, as part of trying to reunite the Tribes of the City. Their leader is Jet. They attack Dal in the streets[35] and later charge the Mall, along with Ebony's militia, for the lies the Mall Rats have said about the antidote.

Members: Jet

  • Horse Traders

The Horse Traders are led by Pony Joe. They rescue Bray in Series 3 and a member of the Tribe, Moon, nurses him back to health.[36]

Members: Pony Joe and Moon

  • Jackals

The Jackals are famous for trading stereo systems. During Series 2, Bray visits the Jackals and tries to convince their leader, Billy-Boy, to attend a gathering.[37] Later, the Orphans start trading hi-fi equipment at a better price than the Jackals and Billy-Boy makes a complaint to the Mall Rats about it but gets thrown out of the mall by Lex. They live in a place with lots of neon lights and the sound of Jackals howling in the background.

Members: Billy Boy

  • Modes

Gel was a member of the Modes before joining the Mall Rats. According to Gel, the Modes used to raid for cosmetics. Another member, a girl named Belle, is mentioned by Gel, who describes her as having really long nails.[38]

  • Mozquitoes

The Mozquitoes (aka Mozzies) is an all-female tribe led by Moz. Their headquarters are in an old factory decorated with black nets and cages, which they call their Mozquito Nest.[39] Moz was controlling the City with Ebony for a while, but when she disappears in Series 4, the Mozquitoes are left without a leader and lose their power over the City.[19] The Mozquitoes are easily recognizable by their black clothes. They also wear metal chains and masks that look like bugs eyes.

Members: Moz and Dee

  • Nomads

The Nomads are a slaver Tribe led by Troy and Susannah. They hold Dal captive in Series 1 and try to sell him as slave to Ebony along with Sasha.[40] They capture anyone who wanders to their camp and sell them to other Tribes in exchange for supplies. They lure their victim into their trap by pretending to be friendly travellers.[41]

Members: Troy and Susannah

  • Orphans

The Orphans trade in hi-fi equipment. One of their members, Main Man, got into the finals in the dance off at the Tribal Gathering on Series 1. A member of the Orphans, Slime, is a candidate in the election for City Leader against Salene in Series 4.[42]

Members: Main Man and Slime

  • Outcasts

The Outcasts is a Tribe made up of various outcasts of different Tribes. Lex first met them when he was thrown out of the Mall Rats in Series 2. May was a member of the Outcasts before joining the Mall Rats.[6]

Members: May

  • Roosters

The Roosters are one of the Tribes known to have joined forces with the Rebels to defeat the likes of the Chosen and the Technos. A member of the Roosters, Marco, is a candidate for the election of City Leader against Salene in Series 4.[42]

Members: Marco

  • The Amazons

A warrior tribe led by Leyla who appeared at the meetings of the tribe leaders in series 2.

Members Leyla

  • Tribe Circus

The Tribe Circus is a Tribe of entertainers, acrobats and clowns who use their skills and power to terrorize more vulnerable Tribes. They are led by Top Hat. They invaded the Mall during Series 1.[43] They are easily recognizable as they all dress as circus performers with bright colours.

Members: Top Hat

  • The Smile

The Smile first appear in Series 2 alongside Billy-Boy and the Jackals when they invade the Trading Market at the Mall. Their members are Dimples, Lips and Teeth and they are always singing. When they spot Salene all alone in the streets and recognize her as a Mall Rat, they pursue her and threaten her. When they can't find Salene and Billy-Boy disappears, they come to the mall and threaten Lex, who they think has taken Billy-Boy. After Salene tells the other they tried to kill her, Ryan, with the help of Lex attack The Smile and throw them out. Later, they are recruited to sing at Tai-San and Lex, and Salene and Ryan's wedding.

Members: Lips, Teeth and Dimples

  • The Wrecking Crew

Patch's Tribe before he joined the Mall Rats.[44] This tribe only consists of him and his two brothers, who were later kidnapped by the Technos, and two other friends.

Members: Patch

  • The Hobos

They lived by a river on the east side and gave trouble to the Locos in the early days. Sammy talked about how they just "disappeared" in Series 5 episode 11.


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