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Little Folk's School [LFS] is a school having branches in the Muslimabad, North Nazimabad, and Gulistan-e-Jauhar areas of Karachi, Pakistan.

Little Folk's School was established in year 1953 and was first to open a branch in North Nazimabad which was then a very remote area of Karachi and lacking such institutions.

On the golden jubilee (50th anniversary) of the institution, Little Folk's School opened its Golden Jubilee Campus at Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

There were three branches in Muslimabad area. Out of those there is only one branch left in Muslimabad which was under supervision of Mrs. Mehrunnisa Maclai who died on 13 November 2012. After her Muslimabad branch is under supervision of Mrs. Qaiser (Principal) and Mr. Imtenan-ul-Majeed (Head).

There were also three branches in North Nazimabad area. Out of those three there is only two branches left in North Nazimabad in Block D&F. Mrs. Kehkashaan [Principal - Block D] & Mrs. Shazia [Principal - Block F]. North Nazimabad Block - D branch was upgraded in 2011 when students and staff from Block - A *another branch* were shifted to Block - D increased its capacity. Now this branch has facilities till matriculation.

Another branch is located in Gulistan-e-Jauhar which is known as Golden Jubilee Campus in Block -13."'Mrs. Ghazala "' [First Principal] &"'Mrs. Shua "' [Present Principal]

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