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Lucas the game


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Lucas the Game is an independent video game developed by Timothy Courtney. Lucas the Game was released for PC and Mac OS X on July 1, 2015.[1][2] Players control Lucas, a boy who wears a red shirt and blue jeans, as he attempts to save all citizens. Upon birth, Lucas learns the world is completely corrupt, and all citizens have been affected by strong cultural programming. They can no longer tell fact from fiction. It's up to Lucas to find the King Cables and deliver them to The Snowman, a rogue media mogul. In a review by IGN, Terrence Sellers described the plot in this way, "It’s a story set in a dystopian society about a newborn sent on a quest to find secret documents that will reveal the corruption of the shadow government and ignite the people to revolution".[3] The game has since been featured in 'The Psychic Pixel Party Bundle' by Groupees, alongside titles such as Synonymy (Video Game narrated by Richard Dawkins), Sword of the Samurai, and Pixel Poetry (Indie Game Documentary).[4]

Player success relies on split-second decision making, and accurate control of Lucas. Player's control Lucas to run and jump across platforms, gaps, enemies, and other obstacles. Lucas must get to the end of each level in order to advance to the next. Each level, known as a realm, consists of a different setting and has a unique theme. Some realms contain locked doors, for which the player must find the key before being able to exit. The player cannot complete a realm until all cables contained within that realm are collected. Many realms feature unique enemies and obstacles, not seen in other parts of the game. After Lucas completes a number of realms, he reaches a boss battle. If the player loses all their lives before defeating a boss, they must start back over at the first realm in the map section.

Development of the game began in January 2014, and was announced by the developer in May 2014.[5] Courtney worked on character creation, level design, and enemy ai. The game was tested by immediate family. Courtney would not allow anyone to see a level, until he felt it was complete. After play tests, adjustments to design would be made. The soundtrack for the game was created by Matt Clark (State Seal Media), a member of Austin-based band Ola Podrida.


Lucas the Game is a platform game in which players control the main character, Lucas, who must find secret documents known as The King Cables. Lucas' goal is to deliver the documents at the end of the game to a rogue media mogul, known as The Snowman. Gameplay is considered difficult, and similar in style to Super Mario Bros.

Lucas crouches and push a key along


Lucas the Game is noted for mature humor throughout the game. The game immediately starts with a cutscene depicting the birth of Lucas, in a comedic and surreal cartoon format. When reviewed by IGN, an offended Terrence Sellers opined "this realistic setting and nature has no place in this game". Terrence Sellers continued stating, "Seeing a pregnant woman crowning on screen has little to no place in a 2D platformer", and except for it's childish charm, described it as "gratuitous" at best.


Lucas the GameTemplate:'s soundtrack was composed by Matt Clark, a guitarist in the Austin-based band Ola Podrida. Clark was given the task to create a soundtrack within the chiptune genre. Clark was free to experiment and come up with any tracks he wanted, as long as there was an assortment of necessary moods achieved.[6]


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