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Manhattanites is a American 2008 independent drama film adaptation of the Roger Newcomb radio soap opera, Scripts & Scruples,[1] directed by Gregori J. Martin and co-directed by Darnell Williams.[2][3] The film stars Ilene Kristen, David Fumero, Forbes March, Aiden Turner, Jill Larson, Alex McCord and Lev Gorn.[4] The film was released on DVD May 6, 2009.[5]


Roger Newcomb and Lyle Kamenir served as executive producers and Martin and Newcomb wrote the screenplay. The film was released on DVD in May 2009.[1] The film debuted in May 2008 at the Tribeca Cinema in New York City. Actress Jill Larson was originally cast for the lead role of Marilyn Marsden, but due to time constraints and family concerns she had to pass. She did eventually accept the smaller role in the film as the "Bible thumper" Mrs. Grimm.[6]


A group of New Yorkers are faced with life’s changing circumstances and decisions. Entertainment lawyer Marilyn Marsden (Ilene Kristen) discovers that her fiance Blake Whitney (Lev Gorn), the editor of a conservative magazine, is having a secret affair with Matt Malone (Forbes March). Marilyn is devastated. Blake is uncomfortable being in a gay relationship. Marilyn's sister Gretchen (Caroline Hay), works as a witress but dreams of being a famous news reporter. Among her customers is Kyle Carpenter (Aiden Turner), a top reporter for Channel 6 News, and Gretchen's idol. Matt's brother Todd (Matthew Martini), is engaged to Hannah Richards (Tasha Guevara). Hannah meets someone new even as she is planning she and Todd's wedding.



  • Ilene Kristen as Marilyn Marsden
  • Forbes March as Matt Malone
  • Aiden Turner as Kyle Carpenter
  • Lev Gorn as Blake Whitney
  • Gregori J. Martin as Charlie Dean
  • David Fumero as Juan
  • Alex McCord as Hilda
  • Monica Bailey as Rose
  • Jill Larson as Mrs. Grimm
  • Johnny Blaze as Street Magician
  • Sophie Turner as Fashion Model
  • Caroline Hay as Gretchen Styles
  • Tasha Guevara as Hannah Richards
  • Matthew Martini as Todd Malone
  • Derrell Whitt as Lucas Jameson
  • Caroline Hay as Gretchen Styles
  • Tasha Guevara as Hannah Richards
  • Matthew Martini as Todd Malone
  • Diane C. Requena as Ashley
  • Derrell Whitt as Lucas Jameson
  • Mike Marino as Wilson
  • Diane Boge as Alexandra
  • Liz Leyda as Supermodel
  • Stephen Seidel as News Reporter Chuck Cooper
  • Lauren K. Wood as Adriana

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Daytime Confidential wrote that soap fans would appreciate how well Roger Newcomb wove three storylines in and out of the main narrative. They also offered that Ilene Kristen excelled in making her character of Marilyn Marsden fierce and engaging. They praised Aiden Turner for maiking his character of Kyle Carpenter shine, and noted that the "most likeable and engaging character has to be Gretchen", expanding that as that character, Caroline Hay "screams dramedy starlet-in-the-making in every scene."[4]


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