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Merlin is a musical band formed in Belo Horizonte in 1994 that composes and plays songs in Esperanto.[1]

The group's work had good repercussions abroad and had the production of two albums, one of them by the French record label Vinilkosmo, with disclosure in more than 60 countries.[2]


The group was formed in 1994 from the dissolution of another band, Flagrante Delito, who performed with songs in Portuguese.[3] Merlin began to play in public and private places in the capital of Minas Gerais.

In 1998, the group began to develop the parallel work Merlin Esperante,[4] interpreting covers and own songs in the Esperanto language. All of this effort in cultural outreach has begun to generate positive returns for the band: French record label Vinilkosmo, which specializes in Esperanto titles, has signed a deal with Merlin to produce the CD Por la Mondo (which means For the World), due for release in more than 60 countries. Por la Mondo's proposal, which reveals in its lyrics themes of worldwide interest such as fraternity, equality and love, is to arouse the best of each one so that everyone can achieve greater dignity in our passage through the world.

The band consists of Marcone Froes (voice and guitar), Guilherme Lima (drums), Aldrin Gandra (guitar), Sérgio Ribeiro (bass) and Sérgio Vieira (keyboards).


Por la Mondo

The band's first album was called Por la mondo ("For the World"), when they were still performing under the name "Merlin Esperante" (Merlin in Esperanto).[5]

  1. Por la mondo
  2. Estas la legxo
  3. Estis unu fojo
  4. Bluaj fragoj
  5. Mia vojo
  6. Mi kredas
  7. En cxi tiu momento
  8. Pri la vero
  9. Elprovo

Ho! Mia kor'!

  1. Aferoj por gardi
  2. Alia mondo
  3. Se mi povas
  4. Finfine
  5. Ho! Mia kor'!
  6. Verda soldato
  7. Nokta trajnejo
  8. Vidu
  9. La tondro
  10. La bono

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