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Michael Waine
Born Bicester, England
Residence Bicester, England
Nationality English
Education Bicester Grammar School
Occupation Headteacher
Chair of Directors
County Councillor: 2005[1] - date
Years active 1963[2]-present

Michael Waine is a Member Director and Chair of Directors, Bicester Learning Academy.


Michael Waine has engaged in the local community from an early age.[3] Taught in Oxfordshire state sector schools for 37 years, 27 of which were as the first Headteacher of Glory Farm School, Bicester[4][5][6][7] On retirement Michael worked as a National Strategy Primary School Leadership Consultant for two years.

Michael is currently Member Director and Chair of Directors, Bicester Learning Academy.[8][9][10] The Cooper School is part of Bicester Learning Academy. In September 2011, having not had one for over 30 years, The Cooper School opened a Sixth Form. This occurred due to Michael's work, with several colleagues, at a time when national and local budgets were at their tightest.[11][12]

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Bicester Town since 2005[13][14][15][16], Michael was also Oxfordshire County Council's Cabinet member for schools improvement[17][18][19] for six years and is currently Vice-Chairman of the Education Scrutiny Committee.[20]

Michael has also been strong in defending local NHS provision[21] and strong in seeking the reinforcement and development of local NHS provision to meet the needs of Bicester's developing local population.[22]

Michael has sought broadband for local rural areas alongside current local MP Victoria Prentis [23]

Michael was Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council (2016–2017).[24][25]

During his time as Chairman, among other activities to raise the profile of Bicester and its residents, Michael curated an exhibition, "The Queen's Gallery", to mark HM Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday.[26] The exhibition celebrated the talent from Bicester's local schools and children: each local school was invited to give their interpretation on canvas of a particular decade in the HRH Queen Elizabeth II's 90 years (thus far). The exhibition was situated at County Hall, Oxford and then in Bicester for the official opening of the new Bicester Library in Franklin's House on 4 July 2016.[27]

A member of the Catholic Church of Immaculate Conception,[28] Michael continued to work with other denominations of Christian Church, notably attending a service to mark the anniversary of Oxfordshire's longest serving priest (Revd James Cocke, Headington) led by The Right Reverend and the Right Honourable the Lord Rowan Williams of Oystermouth, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge University and Lord Archbishop of Canterbury 2002-2012.[29]

Michael also emphasised support for the armed forces and emphasised their strong historic links with Oxfordshire and with Bicester.[30]

Personal life

Michael Waine is married with two children and four grandchildren. He has lived in Bicester since childhood.


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