Miracle in Toyland

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Miracle in Toyland is a 2000 American animated fantasy film directed and produced by Diane Eskenazi.[1] Also produced by Golden Films, as well as a part of the Enchanted Tales franchise, the film depicts the protagonist, Jesse, who discovers the secret life of toys in the toy shop of his hometown, who teach him the power of caring.


Jesse is a young and lonely teenager whose father, a military soldier, is sent to combat during Christmas, with only his cousin Gabriella to keep him company. Jesse misses (and worries so much about) his father, that he has dreams of being a soldier himself, fighting in what seems like the Vietnam War, and seeing visions of his father.

One day, Gabriella takes Jesse to a toy store to cheer him up. At one point he drives very fast in a kart race to get a feeling of great excitement and, despite winning, scares Gabriella to the point where she leaves him alone in the store, saying that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. As Jesse explores the store further, a group of toys with the ability to come to life notice him and plan to save Jesse from his corruptness.

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