Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth

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Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth (also known as The Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth and the abbreviation MDPOPE) is a 2013 shockumentary film which is a pieced together collection of video from various sources, billed as "147 minutes of insanely disturbing shock footage, all combined into one single piece of media."[1]


The film was directed, edited, and produced by a person under the pseudonym "Thomas Extreme Cinemagore". (or, in some places, "Thomas Gorecin") It is produced from a number of other video files, largely found on the internet. Contained within the finished film is a sequence of clips loosely labeled as scat, vomit porn, necrophilia, various types of torture, cruelty to animals, unusual people, various types of gore, and various sex scenes, loosely quantified as documentary, mondo film, or shockumentary in a low-budget production in the style of Faces of Death, Traces of Death, or Faces of Gore. The film is listed in the genre of documentary and horror on IMDB.[1]

On poster and cover art, the film is billed as Banned in 131 Countries. Several of the clips from the film, such as "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick" and "2 Girls 1 Cup", had risen to notoriety or garnered various amounts of online fame prior to the film's release.


The movie was released February 13, 2013, exclusively through online DVD sales.


IMDB has an online rating of 6.5 of the film. [1] Various reaction videos and reviews of the film have been uploaded by users on YouTube,[2] although actual images from the film are not allowed by YouTube terms of service.


The sequel, Most Disturbed Person on Planet Earth Part 2 was released in March 2014, described by the producer of the film as "Over three hours of the most disgusting and disturbing shock clips ever caught on camera. Guaranteed to be the most sickest movie ever made in the history of cinema." Various reviews and comments on the film,[3][4][5] including the producer of the film,[6][7] assert that the content of the sequel is more extreme and disturbing than that of the original.

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