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Naseer Mirza (Template:Lang-sd) is a Sindhi writer,[1] famous broadcaster[2] and poet of Sindhi language. He was born on 22 July 1953 in a small town called Tando Thoro (Template:Lang-sd) on the bank of Phuleli Canal in Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan


Naseer Mirza got his early education from Training College Hyderabad, Sindh and completed Intermediate from Muslim Science College Hyderabad, Sindh. He gradutaed from Sachal Sarmast College Hyderabad with Bechelor in Arts & did Masteres in Mass Communication from University of Sindh Jamshoro in 1981.[3]

Professional career

Mirza was appointed as producer at Radio Pakistan Hyderabad, Sindh in 1983.He was gradually promoted as a manager, controller & Regional Director at Radio Pakitan, Hyderabad, Sindh. He tendered his resignation from the post of Regional Director on 20 July 2015. During his career he has recorded numerous folk, classical, semi-classical and sufi songs for Radio Pakistan by discovering new voices, musicians and composers.

Mirza takes pride infact that some of the leading names e.g Fozia Soomro in the Sindhi Music were introduced by Mirza on the Radio Pakistan[4]


Mirza has compiled the history of Radio Pakistan, in three volumes. The book "Radio Hyderabad" (Template:Lang-sd) (consists of three Volumes) Hyderabad Catalogue consists of comprehensively covers the Art, History of Sindh since 1955. Another historical achievement of Mirza is "Radio Hyderabad Catalogue"(Template:Lang-sd) consists of numerous recorings of Sindhi Dramas, Stories & interviews of prominent personalities of Sindh. He converted cassette tape recordings into digital file. During his producership, Mirza also discovered new voices of Sindhi music & new talent of Sindh e.g Mehmood Mughal, Bakhshan Mehranvi, Syed Makan Shah, and others who possess innate abilities in Sindhi Literature.[no citations needed here]

Literary works

Mirza is known as a versatile and multi-disciplinary writer & poet. He started writing poetry in 1979 when he was studying in University of Sindh. He published his first poetry book ''Khushboo jay Sang Sang" ( Template:Lang-sd in 1980. His another book `I could not prove to be a poet`( Template:Lang-sd ) is collection of all his works in poetry in which he has put himself on the table with complete honesty and openness towards the critics and readers of Sindhi poetry. The collection contains more than 100 pieces of his poetry in different genres ranging from the traditional form of ghazal to prose poems. Leading poets and writers of Sindh like Shaikh Ayaz, Noor-ul-Huda Shah, Ali Baba, Asim Nathan Shahi, and others took pride in getting their books prefaced and foreworded by him. He has written prefaces and forewords for several writers most of which are featured in his book "Kheme Me Sham" ( Template:Lang-sd). He writes articles for sindhi news papers specially Daily Kawish. Mirza is also associated with announcing, compering, connoisseuring. Many event organizers honoured to invite him for announcing, compering , connoisseuring in many literal festivals & ceremonies.[5][6]


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