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Nicholas Boulton
Residence Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom[1]
Occupation Actor, voice actor
Years active 1993–present
Agent Sally Hope Associates[1]

Nicholas Boulton is an English actor who has worked on radio, audiobook, theatre, video game, television, and film.[1]

For the BBC radio channels, he has performed on several shows since 1993.[2] Among his audiobook work, Nicholas has narrated all the novels of Laura Kinsale and other authors she publishes under Hedgehog Inc., her audiobook company.[3][4] Regarding his television projects, he has acted out as Gerard de Ridefort in the Swedish television series Arn, Lance Gessler in Jonathan Creek's The Grinning Man, Keating in The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells, the pit announcer in Game of Thrones, Kieron in Life Begins (TV series), Dr. David Cazalet in Kavanagh QC, and Dr. Ian Markham in Midsomer Murders.[1][5] For his film roles, the actor has performed as Henry Condell on Shakespeare in Love, Mr Conyngham for Mike Leigh's Topsy-Turvy, and as Gerard de Ridefort for the film versions of Arn – The Knight Templar and Arn – The Kingdom at Road's End.[1][6][7] Concerning his theatre career, Nicholas has performed as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk in the Royal Shakespeare Company adaptations of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies.[1][8] In video games, he has played as Vaughan in Dragon Age: Origins, Garrett Hawke and Xenon The Antiquarian in Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gadolt in Xenoblade Chronicles, and Zangurak in The Last Story.[1]

Early life and education

Nicholas Boulton got interested in acting at six-seven years old — after performing as a peddlar for a school play called The Merchant of Baghdad — though it wasn't until five years later he decided to make it his career vocation.[2][9] Apart from that theatre experience, he has also done in his teens an uncredited TV role as a schoolboy hacker in the BBC 2 Screen Two single drama In The Secret State,[10] directed by Christopher Morahan and starring Frank Finlay and other guest stars like Natasha Richardson.[11][12][13]

In 1990, Nicholas studied acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he participated in the 1993 Carleton Hobbs Bursary.[2] Alongside Cathy Sara, the actor won a seven months contract for the BBC's Radio Drama Company.[1][14] Since that experience, he has developed an ongoing acting career on several BBC radio plays and other audio programs.[2]

Most notable roles

Video games

In 2009, Bioware released Dragon Age: Origins, the first instalment of a new fantasy-RPG series. Boulton did the voices of several characters like Vaughan Kendells[1][2] For his scenes at Side UK, the actor worked under Caroline Livingstone's direction.[2]

Boulton played Garrett Hawke, the main character on Dragon Age 2.[9] He also did other roles in the game, including Xenon the Antiquarian.[1][2][9]


Boulton has narrated audiobooks for Hedgehog Inc, which publishes audiobooks by the author Laura Kinsale.

For his work with Hedgehog Inc., the AudioFile (magazine) gave Boulton seven of its AudioFile Earphones Awards, for his narrations of the books Midsummer Moon, My Sweet Folly, The Shadow and the Star – Victorian Hearts (Book 2), Lessons in French, Uncertain Magic, Seize the Fire, and Glitterland: Spires (Book 1).[15][16][17][18][18][19][20][21][22][23] He was also nominated for an Audie Award for his narration on For My Lady's Heart: Medieval Hearts (Book 1).[24][25]

Stage work

From December 2013 till July 2015, Nicholas Boulton worked on the first run of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, a theatrical diptych directed by Jeremy Herrin and adapted by Mike Poulton from Hilary Mantel's two historical novels.[26][27][28] In both shows he performed as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk,[29] and was understudy for Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk — role played by Nicholas Day — and King Henry VIII, Nathaniel Parker's character.[9][30][31]

In 1985, Boulton participated in Christopher Morohan's In The Secret State,[10][32] and in 2005 he again worked with the director for a theatre production of The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.[1] He played Captain Jack Absolute together with Stephanie Cole who did Mrs. Malapropos, George Baker as his father Sir Anthony Absolute, and Jasmine Hyde as his lover Lydia Languish.[33][34][35][36] David Whetstone, of Newcastle's The Journal, stated that Boulton was "never less than utterly likable"[33] while Margaret Burgess, of the Get Surrey news website, described his performance as "a dashing hero, travelling from light comedy to farce in a frenzy of mistaken identity, clandestine meetings, and panic-striken explanations."[37] According to David Chatterton, writer for the British Theatre Guide website, Boulton was "the real star of the production", and he was favourably compared to other actors who had played the same role.[35]


Boulton appeared in the Game of Thrones episode "The Dance of Dragons" as a pit announcer.[9]

Under Peter Flinth's direction, Boulton performed as the historical figure Gerard de Ridefort in a Swedish film and television production based on Jan Guillou's Crusades trilogy, a historical-romantic novel series starring the fictional crusader Arn Magnusson.[1][38][39] It was first released as two movies — Arn – The Knight Templar in 2007 and Arn – The Kingdom at Road's End in 2008,[6][7] and in 2010 as a six episodes mini-series,[40]

Stage work

List of roles in theatre plays
Year Title Role Director Company Source
Template:Dts Arcadia (play) Valentine Coverly Trevor Nunn Theatre Royal Haymarket [1][41]
Template:Dts M. Butterfly Marc Tony Petito Singapore Repertory Theatre [1][42]
Template:Dts A Chaste Maid in Cheapside Touchwood Junior Ben Harrisson Almeida Theatre/Tour [1][43][44]
Template:Dts Barbarians Stepan Joanna Reid Salisbury Playhouse [1][45]
Template:Dts Taming of the Shrew Hortensio Mark Rosenblatt National Tour [1][46][47][48]
Template:Dts The Rivals Jack Absolute Christopher Morahan National Tour [1][35]
Template:Dts Mirandolina Marquess Jonathan Munby Royal Exchange Theatre [1][49]
Template:Dts Restoration (Tremain novel) Charles II Matthew Francis Salisbury Playhouse [1][50]
Template:Dts Private Lives Elyot Philip Wilson Salisbury Playhouse [1][51]
Template:Dts A Broken Rose Dr Cole Phil Willmott Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone [1][52][53]
2013-2015 Wolf Hall & Bring Up the Bodies Duke of Suffolk (Understudy: King Henry VIII/Duke of Norfolk) Jeremy Herrin RSC (Premieres: December 2013. Official Run: 8 January 2014 to 29 March 2014), Aldwych Theatre (1 May 2014 - 4 October 2014), and Winter Garden Theatre (Broadway Run: 20 March 2015 - 5 July 2015) [1][26][27][30]
Template:Dts Vanity Fair Rawdon Crawley/Mr Sedley/Isidor/Young Rawdy/Glorvina/Tour Guide/Croupier Hal Chambers Middle Temple Hall [1][54][55]
Template:Dts Albatross 3rd & Main Gene Simon David Eden Emporium Brighton [1][56][57]

Television Shows

List of live-action performances in television
Year Title Role Episode(s) Source
Template:Dts Kavanagh QC Dr. David Cazalet Ep.: "Blood Money" (Series 3, Episode 2) [1][58]
Template:Dts The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells Tom Keating [1]
Template:Dts Heartbeat Duncan Harris Ep.: "Strangers on a Train" (Series 13, Episode 21) [1][59]
2004-2005 Life Begins Kieron 6 episodes: "Maggie and Phil" (Series 1, Episode 1) ; "Maggie, Kathleen & Sam" (Series 1, Episode 3) ; "Maggie, Clare & Guy" (Series 1, Episode 4) ; "Maggie & Paul" (Series 1, Episode 6) ; "Things Are Changing" (Series 2, Episode 1) ; "From the Past" (Series 2, Episode 2) [1][60][61][62][63][64][65]
Template:Dts Heroes and Villains (TV series) Bleda Ep."Attila the Hun-Warriors" (Series 1, Episode 3) [1][66][67]
Template:Dts Jonathan Creek Lance Gessler Ep."The Grinning Man" (New Year's Day 2009) [1][68]
Template:Dts Arn Gerard de Ridefort 3 episodes (Series 1, Episodes 3-5) [1][69][70][71]
Template:Dts Midsomer Murders Dr. Ian Markham Ep.: "A Rare Bird" (Series 14, Episode 8) [1][5][72]
Template:Dts Game of Thrones Pit Announcer Ep.: "The Dance of Dragons" (Series 5, Episode 9) [1][73]

Feature Films

List of roles in Feature films
Year Title Role Director Notes Source
Template:Dts Shakespeare in Love Henry Condell John Madden (director) [1][74]
Template:Dts Topsy-Turvy Mr Conyngham Mike Leigh [1][75]
Template:Dts Arn: Tempelriddaren Gerard de Ridefort Peter Flinth Titled in English as : Arn – The Knight Templar [1][6][38]
Template:Dts Arn: Riket vid vägens slut Gerard de Ridefort Peter Flinth Titled in English as: Arn – The Kingdom at Road's End [1][7][39]

Video games

List of voice performances in video games
Year Title Role Voice Director Game Studio Award/Nomination Notes Source
Template:Dts Heavenly Sword Additional Voices Side UK Ninja Theory Credited as Nick Boulton [76]
Template:Dts Dragon Age: Origins Vaughan/Additional Voices Catherine Livingstone Bioware [1][2][77][78]
Template:Dts Dragon Age II/Dragon Age II: Legacy/Dragon Age II: The Black Emporium (DLC)/Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin (DLC) Garret Hawke (Male Hero)/Xenon the Antiquarian Caroline Livingstone Bioware [1][2][9][79][80][81]
Template:Dts Xenoblade Chronicles Gadolt Mark Healy Monolith Soft & Nintendo Nomination: Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game (Behind the Voice Actors Awards 2012) [1][82]
Template:Dts The Last Story Zangurak Damien Goodwind Mistwalker Credited as Nick Boulton [1][83]
Template:Dts Mass Effect 3 Major Coats Caroline Livingstone Bioware [1][84]
2014-2015 Dragon Age: Inquisition/Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser/Jaws of Hakkon (DLC) Garrett Hawke/Xenon the Antiquarian/Additional Voices (Jaws of Hakkon DLC) Phil Evans, Mark Healy, Kate Saxon, Justin Villiers Bioware [9][85]


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