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Phil Davis is a branding expert, and the founder of Tungsten Branding.

Phil Davis
Occupation Branding Expert
Known for Founder of Tungsten Branding

Early career

He ran a full service advertising firm in the Tampa Bay area of Florida for 17 years before moving to North Carolina.[1][2] There, he helped his new hometown name/brand The White Squirrel Music Festival.[3][4] The Festival is now an annual occurrence with 20,000-25,000 attendees.[3]  In 2003, he started Tungsten Branding in Asheville, North Carolina.[1][5][6] The business was later moved to Brevard.[7][8]

Naming and branding

Phil Davis is the founder of Tungsten Branding.[9][10][11][12]  He has named and/or branded over 250 regional, national, and international companies, products, and services,[9][13] including PODS (Portable On Demand Storage), America Strong, EarlyMoments, Trickle Star, TeamLogic IT, RallyHouse, Double Cross Vodka, Big Earth, Addition Financial, and TradingBlock.[10][14][15][16]  His company, Tungsten Branding, achieved a Top 5 Global Naming Firm ranking by in 2017 and 2018.[17][2] Davis has been interviewed about Branding by Forbes Agency Council, The Washington Post, Salon, Bloomberg’s Business Week, TV Guide, AdAge, AOL Small Business, D&B’s and others.[10][18][19] 

He hosts a national podcast, Brilliant Branding.[10][20][21] Davis has said that a problem people make is naming their company around their products and services, rather than naming it around their ultimate goal/ultimate mission.[17][2][5] He recommends leaving room for growth or a potential future pivot.[22]


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