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qpdfview is a tabbed document viewer for displaying PDF, PostScript, and DjVu files.[1][2][3][4][5] qpdfview is free and open-source software, licensed under GPL v2.

Written in C++, it uses the Qt toolkit and relies on the Poppler PDF library for PDF support. As an alternative, it can also use the MuPDF PDF library.[6]

qpdfview supports SyncTex,[7] which allows for bidirectional links between LaTeX source files and their PDF output.[8] Rudimentary support is also provided for both PDF annotations and forms.[7] PDF text and highlight annotations can be both added and removed, and are saved to the PDF.

qpdfview is included in various Linux distributions, including Debian[9], Ubuntu,[10] Fedora,[5] ArchLinux,[11] OpenSuse,[12] Gentoo,[13] as well as FreeBSD[1]. Because of its relatively few dependencies on other software, qpdfview has been ported to a variety of less-used platforms, including OS2[14], AmigaOS[15], and OpenPandora[16] Texmaker's internal PDF viewer is based on qpdfview. [17]

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