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Template:POV check Template:Use British EnglishTemplate:Dmy Template:Discrimination sidebar The regressive left, also called regressive liberalism,[1][2] is a political term, a neologism coined and popularised in the early 2010s by British liberal activist Maajid Nawaz[3][4][note 1] to describe a section of the left that has "an inherent hesitation to challenge some of the bigotry that can occur within minority communities [...] for the sake of political correctness, for the sake of tolerating what they believe is other cultures and respecting different lifestyles."[6]

The term "regressive left" was used earlier in somewhat different contexts by American conservative journalist Chuck Morse[7] amongst others.


Maajid Nawaz popularised the term "regressive left".

Nawaz mainly applies it to left-leaning people who, in his opinion, defend Islamism, which he defines as "an ideology that seeks to impose any version of Islam over society" and which he opposes on the ground that "any desire to impose any version of Islam over anyone anywhere, ever, is a fundamental violation of our basic civil liberties."[8] According to Nawaz, such sympathizers of Islamism include "atheists who are on the side of the Islamists, defending Islamism in the name of cultural tolerance."[9]

According to Nawaz, the notion that Muslims cannot cope with criticism or mockery of Islam and only react violently, is "patronizing, self-pity inspiring mollycoddling" of the very Muslims it claims to serve and emancipate, because it does not expect them to be civil and control their anger.[8] This "racism of low expectations" lowers the moral standards of people within minorities, seeking excuses if they happen to express, for example, misogyny, chauvinism, bigotry, or antisemitism, whilst holding members of the majority to universal liberal standards.[6]

Modern usage


New Atheist activist, author and neuroscientist Sam Harris, who co-authored the book Islam and the Future of Tolerance (2015) with Nawaz, has adopted[note 1] the term, claiming the greatest danger is that regressive leftists are willing to give up free speech "out of fear of offending minorities", which will lead to censorship imposed by those minorities, citing American journalist Glenn Greenwald's comments on the Charlie Hebdo shootings as an example.[10] Reza Aslan is also considered by Harris to be a member of the Regressive Left.[11]

Earlier similar expressions for Islam-favouring left-wing politics are Islamo-Leftism by French philosopher Pascal Bruckner[12] and the "pro-Islamist left" by Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain chair Maryam Namazie.[13] Spiked writer Elliot McArdle adds that some "so-called liberals/leftists" treat liberal Muslims like Nawaz and ex-Muslims like Namazie as "native informants", "traitors" or "not real Muslims", because such critics of Islam(ism), who have a Muslim background themselves, don't fit the desired narrative of Muslims as a homogenous and oppressed group.[14]


In March 2015, Conservative MP and London Mayor Boris Johnson opined that a LabourSNP victory in the May 2015 general election would result in "[taking] this country back to the Seventies" in economic terms, and "consigning [it] to five years of the most negative and regressive Left-wingery, larded with a ghastly finger-wagging political correctness."[15]


Dave Rubin has helped popularize the term "regressive left" using it on his talk show 'The Rubin Report.'

American comedian and show host Bill Maher and British biologist and New Atheist author Richard Dawkins also adopted the phrases "regressive leftists" and "regressive liberals", with Maher noting that these people are willing to criticise anything except Islam, excusing it as "their culture", to which Dawkins responded: "Well, to hell with their culture."[1][16]

Liberal talk show host Dave Rubin has helped to popularize the term regressive left, using it throughout many of The Rubin Report show segments, once saying: "The reason I feel like naming them is so important, is because I now view these regressives as the left's version of the Tea Party. The Tea Party went unchecked by the right until it was too late, and now the Republican Party is a fractured mess often only held together by its worst beliefs. I really believe these regressives are doing this to the left, and if we don't have the courage to stop them, then a year or two from now, we'll wonder why our system is screwed up even more than it is now."[5]

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