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Rita Reed is an American photojournalist and professor. She is currently a University of Missouri journalism professor, where has held the O.O. McIntyre Professorship in 2014. She is also known as the author of Growing Up Gay: The Sorrows and Joys of Gay and Lesbian Adolescence."[1]


Reed attended University of Missouri, where she received her degree in journalism. In addition, she also received her undergraduate degree from Southwest Missouri State University.[1]

Reed has worked as a newspaper photojournalist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and at The Gazette in Iowa, where she had 20 years of combined journalism experience.[2] In 1992, Reed covered the Bosnian War and was captured with two others by hostile forces and held overnight until the United States Consulate intervened.[3] Her photography is inclusive of women and minorities.[4] Her book, Growing Up Gay, contains seven years worth of documentary pictures and the text is quoted from the photographic subjects.[5] Reed followed Amy Grahn and Jamie Nabozny, documenting important moments in their lives.[6]

Today, Reed teaches photojournalism at University of Missouri. In addition to being a professor, she also oversees the annual College Photographer of the Year competition run through her university.[1]


Reed has won several awards over the span of her career. In 1993, she was awarded the Nikon Sabbatical Grant for after publishing Growing Up Gay: The Sorrows and Joys of Gay and Lesbian Adolescence.[7][2] In 1999, she was named the Minnesota Photographer of the Year.[8]

In 2014, Reed's outstanding teaching performance was rewarded by the Missouri School of Journalism. $10,000 in additional salary was given over the course of the upcoming year as part of the The O.O. McIntyre Professorship Award.[9]

Reed was awarded once more in 2015 with the National Press Photographers Association's Morris Berman Citation, an award honoring a previous National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) president. The NPPA associates nominate the recipient based on the impact he or she has made on the organization.[7]


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